PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub User Guide

Customer Experience Improvement Program

Help improve PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub.

Help us help you! One of our goals at PreEmptive Solutions is to make our products as effective and useful as possible for our customers, and one of the ways we do that is by collecting anonymous, non-sensitive usage information on a voluntary basis from our users. We use this information to improve the quality, reliability, and usability of the software you use.

If you choose to participate in this free, voluntary program:

PreEmptive Solutions will

  • Collect anonymous information about your software and hardware configurations.
  • Collect anonymous information on how you use our software and services to identify trends and usage patterns.

PreEmptive Solutions will not

  • Transmit your name, address, or any other personally identifiable information. The information collected is anonymous.
  • Collect your source code, proprietary data, or any other potentially sensitive information.
  • Prompt you with additional messages that might disrupt your work.

Participation will not degrade the performance of your software. This is a voluntary program and you can stop participating at any time.

Learn more about creating your own Customer Feedback Program with PreEmptive Analytics.

Opting In to the Program

The Data Hub installer will ask you to opt-in or opt-out of CEIP. If you wish to change the setting later:

  1. Open [Application folder]\DispatchService\HubDispatchService.exe.config.
  2. Under <appsettings> section, find the <add> element with the key attribute CustomerExperienceImprovementProgram.
  3. In that element, change the value attribute to:
    • true to opt-in to the CEIP, or
    • false to opt-out of the CEIP (default).
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart the Dispatch Service.

Data Hub Version 1.5.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC