PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub User Guide

Upgrading or Reinstalling

It is possible to uninstall and reinstall the Data Hub, while preserving queued data and most configuration settings.

Uninstalling while Preserving Components

To uninstall the Data Hub, but preserve data and configuration settings for a later re-install:

  1. Open Programs and Features.
  2. Select PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub from the list, then choose Uninstall/Change.
  3. From the welcome screen, click Next.
  4. Ensure the Preserve queues, configuration, and installation settings for future upgrades check box is checked, and then click Remove.
  5. When ready to uninstall, click Remove.

Components Preserved After Uninstall

When upgrading, the following components of the previous installation will be retained:

All other components will be completely removed. In particular:

Upgrading Over Previously-Uninstalled Installation

To install the Data Hub on a machine that has preserved components from a previous installation:

  1. Copy the new version's installer to your server.
  2. As a user with local administrator rights to the machine, run the installer.
  3. Follow the prompts to proceed through the wizard. At each screen, the settings from the prior installation will be used as the default value, which should not be changed.
  4. When the installation has finished, record the provided Endpoint URL for future use.

Data Hub Version 1.5.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC