PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub User Guide

Event Log

The Data Hub logs warnings and errors to the Windows Event Log. (Note that this can be supplemented or replaced with other logging). For example, if a destination sends an error or offline response to the Dispatch Service, the particular response code will be logged as a warning, with details about how the message will be queued.


To access the PA Data Hub log:

  1. Open the Windows Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc).
  2. In the left pane, expand the Applications and Services Logs.
  3. Select PA Data Hub.

Retention Settings

By default, the log only retains the last 1028 KB of log messages. To configure the retention settings:

  1. Access the PA Data Hub log.
  2. Right-click the PA Data Hub entry in the left pane, and select Properties.
  3. Adjust the Maximum log size and behavior when the log is full.
    • Consider carefully the possible consequences of your settings - it is relatively easy to choose settings that could potentially fill up your hard drive.
  4. Click OK.

Data Hub Version 1.5.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC