PreEmptive Analytics Replayer User Guide


Many aspects of the Replayer can be configured, including connections to MongoDB and RabbitMQ, concurrency settings during dispatching, and logging targets.


General settings for the Replayer can be configured in <Installation Folder>/bin/Replayer.exe.config. The settings are specified as <appSettings> key-value pairs, expressed like:

<add key="DeliveryTimeout" value="30" />

Dispatch Settings

  • DeliveryTimeout
    • The time span, in seconds, to wait for a destination to respond before considering the destination to be offline.
    • Default: 30
  • SecondsBeforeDispatch
    • The time span, in seconds, between dispatching new envelopes retrieved from MongoDB.
    • Default: 0.01
  • SecondsBeforeOfflineRetry
    • The time span, in seconds, between retrying envelopes from the offline queue.
    • Default: 60 (1 minute)
  • SecondsBeforeErrorRetry
    • The time span, in seconds, between retrying envelopes from the error queue.
    • Default: 21600 (6 hours)
  • SecondsBeforeDeletingErrorMessage
    • The time span, in seconds, an envelope needs to be in the error queue before it is automatically dropped.
    • Default: 604800 (7 days)
  • MaxMessagesPerTask
    • The number of envelopes to process in a single concurrent task.
    • Default: 25
  • MaxEndpointTasks
    • The maximum number of concurrent tasks to be available for dispatching of never-processed envelopes.
    • Default: 8
  • MaxTasksPerDestination
    • The maximum number of concurrent tasks to be available for dispatching of previously-processed envelopes.
    • Default: 4

Monitoring Settings

  • QueueCountMonitoringIntervalSeconds
    • The frequency, in seconds, at which the Replayer will query RabbitMQ to measure queue sizes. These checks are used to determine when replaying is complete, and to update the title of the console window with current status.
    • Default: 1
  • StatusReportingSeconds
    • The frequency, in seconds, at which the Replayer will report status updates to the console and log.
    • Default: 300 (5 minutes)

MongoDB Setting

  • MongoConnectionString:
    • The string to use to connect to the Standalone Repository database. If the Standalone Repository is installed on a separate machine, change this value appropriately before replaying.
    • Default: mongodb://localhost:27017

RabbitMQ Settings

  • RabbitServerAddress
    • The IP or hostname of the RabbitMQ instance.
    • Default:
  • RabbitServerPort
    • The port on which AMQP (data transfer) connections are made.
    • Default: 5672 (the AMQP default)
  • RabbitServerPortalPort
    • The port on which RabbitMQ management plugin connections are made.
    • Default: 15672
  • RabbitServerVirtualHost
    • The virtual host on the RabbitMQ server to use.
    • Default: /
  • RabbitServerUsername
    • The username which is used for connections to RabbitMQ.
    • This user must have full access rights.
    • Default: guest
  • RabbitServerPassword
    • The password which is used for the above user.
    • This user must have a password.
    • Default: guest
  • QueuingTimeoutInSeconds
    • Time, in seconds, that Replayer will wait for RabbitMQ to complete an action before giving up.
    • Try increasing this timeout if you ever see an error like this in the log: "System.InvalidOperationException: The queue cannot add the item because it exceeds the limits allocated to it."
    • Default: 30
  • BlockedStateTimeoutInSeconds
    • Time, in seconds, that Data Hub will wait for RabbitMQ to clear its alarm state during which all publishing is blocked before trying to publish again. This is only a fail safe in case RabbitMQ crashes and never sends a shutdown notification or an alarm cleared notification. In most cases, this setting should be left to the default.
    • Default: 1800 (30 minutes)


The Replayer logging can be configured by editing <Installation Folder>/bin/NLog.config. NLog can be configured to use targets such as files or databases, in addition to or instead of its default Windows event log and log file outputs. This file does not affect console output. Full information about configuration is available on the NLog Website.

Replayer Version 1.1.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC