PreEmptive Analytics Replayer User Guide

Logging and Monitoring


The Replayer will log standard progress messages to the console's standard output and error.

It will also log those same messages, plus detailed envelope-dispatching errors, to:

  • a log file, in the directory where the command was run, named in the form replayer.<Job ID>.log, and
  • a Windows Event Log named PA Replayer. The PA Replayer Log can be accessed through Event Viewer -> Applications and Services Logs-> PA Replayer.

WMI Monitoring

The Replayer monitors various metrics about each Job, and records them using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), under the categories PA Replayer and PA Replayer By Source Queue. Each Job receives a WMI instance, named by the Job ID (e.g., job 85.68804). Each instance is deleted when the Job completes.

The easiest way to view these reported values is though Performance Monitor (perfmon).

RabbitMQ Monitoring

The RabbitMQ Management Console, which is typically available at http://localhost:15672/#/queues, can also be used to monitor Replayer progress. The default credentials are guest/guest.

All queues used by the Replayer begin with the prefix pareplayer., followed by the Job ID. For instance, the offline queue for Job 85.68804 is named pareplayer.85.68804_offline.

Be very careful when using this web portal - it makes it easy to delete data, accidentally. (This can only affect the Replayer, not the Repository. The web portal cannot delete data from MongoDB.)

Replayer Version 1.1.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC