PreEmptive Analytics Replayer User Guide

General Usage

The basic syntax of the Replayer is:

replayer [flags] <command> <arguments>

The flags are optional, and the set of available and/or required arguments are determined by the specific command used.


The following flags are supported for all commands.

  • -h or -?: Provides usage information and exits. Can be used with a <command> to get detailed information on that command.
  • -v: Displays version and copyright information.

Status Reports

Because the Replayer is a long-running application, status reports via the console and logging are given periodically. These indicate:

  • The total number of envelopes that have been retrieved from the MongoDB query, including those already attempted
  • The number of envelopes that have been dispatched, but were not successful due to an error response
  • The number of envelopes that have been dispatched, but were not successful due to an offline response

This information is also displayed in the console window's title bar, updating more frequently.

The frequency of these updates are configurable Monitoring Settings. By default, the status reports occur every 5 minutes, and the title bar update occurs every second.

Cancelling Execution

To cancel a Job in progress, interrupt the command using Ctrl+C. The Replayer will detect this signal and begin shutting down, cleaning up resources and stopping delivery of envelopes. When complete, the final status of the queues will be reported, and the program will exit.

Warning: Do not cancel execution by closing the console window. This event is time-limited, so cleanup may not complete (leaving WMI instances and RabbitMQ queues), and the final status is not guaranteed to be logged.

Warning: Cleanup will not occur at all if the Replayer is interrupted by the user logging out, shutting the host down, or forcibly ending the process (e.g., through Task Manager).

Replayer Version 1.1.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC