PreEmptive Analytics Replayer User Guide

PreEmptive Analytics Replayer

The PreEmptive Analytics Replayer is a command-line tool that can "replay" raw analytics envelopes, stored in a PreEmptive Analytics Standalone Repository's MongoDB database, to any arbitrary endpoint (e.g. a PreEmptive Analytics Workbench or a PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub). When coupled with the Standalone Repository, the Replayer provides a high-performance way to load historical data into a new or upgraded Workbench, or to repopulate an existing Workbench, either to test a new Indexer, or to populate the data that a newly-installed Indexer generates.

The easiest way to get started with the Replayer is to click the Replayer Command Prompt shortcut in the Start Menu, which will open a Windows command prompt with the Replayer prepended to the PATH environment variable.

System Overview

The Replayer is a command-line executable that takes arguments that tell it how to replay envelopes. The most common way to call it is:

replayer dispatch ALL http://some_workbench_host:88/endpoint

The dispatch command tells the Replayer to "replay" envelopes from the Repository's database to a particular destination, handling delivery failures appropriately. When used this way, the Replayer retrieves the envelopes, dispatches them to the destination (as if they were coming in "live"), and reports status to the console.

In detail, the Replayer:

  1. Generates a Job ID for reference by logging and monitoring.
  2. Queries for the specified envelopes from the database.
  3. Retrieves these envelopes for dispatching.
  4. Attempts delivery of those envelopes (concurrently with the retrieval process), using multiple concurrent connections to the destination.
  5. Re-queues failed envelopes into RabbitMQ queues, depending on the result of the delivery attempt:
    1. Into an "offline" queue if the destination appears to be offline.
    2. Into a time-limited "error" queue if an individual envelope failed with an error.
  6. Continues dispatching until every envelope has been retrieved, and there are no envelopes queued.
  7. Reports final status to the console.

Replayer Version 1.2.0. Copyright © 2016 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC