PreEmptive Analytics Standalone Repository User Guide


The Standalone Repository uses the NLog framework for logging purposes. The workbench has a default NLog configuration that records all messages with status warn and above into the Windows Event Viewer. The PA Repository Log can be accessed through Event Viewer->Applications and Services Logs->PA Repository.

In addition to the default configuration, NLog can be configured to contain targets such as files or databases. The Repository NLog.config is located in the install directory. Full information about configuration is available on the NLog Website.

WMI Monitoring

The Standalone Repository monitors various metrics about data received at its endpoint, and records them using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), under the category PA Repository.

Endpoint Status: Set to 1 when the endpoint is on, 0 when it is off.
Incoming Message: Incremented as soon as an envelope is received by the endpoint.
Incoming Message Failed: Incremented if an incoming envelope is not stored successfully.
Incoming Message Succeeded: Incremented after an incoming envelope is successfully stored.
Incoming Message Succeeded Bytes: Incremented by envelope size (in bytes) once the envelope is successfully stored.

The easiest way to view these reported values is though Performance Monitor (perfmon).

MongoDB Dependency

In rare instances such as a hard OS crash or disk error, the MongoDB service may fail to start or stop operating. In these instances, the Standalone Repository will reject incoming envelopes; however if used in conjunction with a PA Data Hub the envelopes will be stored for delivery at a later date. Once the MongoDB service is restarted, the repository will automatically begin to process incoming envelopes correctly.

Standalone Repository Version 1.1.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC