PreEmptive Analytics Standalone Repository User Guide

MongoDB Installation

The Standalone Repository requires version 2.6.10 of MongoDB (or a later release in the 2.6.x series—MongoDB 3.x is not currently supported), which must be installed and running before running the Standalone Repository installer.

  1. Download MongoDB 2.6.x (x64) from Download the zip package, not the MSI.

  2. Extract the contents to the root folder, e.g. C:\. You should have a folder named something similar to C:\mongodb-win32-x86_64-2008plus-2.6.11.

  3. Rename the folder to C:\mongodb.

  4. Make a new folder for logs: C:\mongodb\log.

    Note: We recommend putting MongoDB's data on a separate drive. The remaining steps assume the P:\ drive, but it can be any drive; just replace P:\ with the drive you are using.

  5. Make a new folder for the database: P:\data\db.

  6. Make a configuration file for mongod.exe in the C:\mongodb folder. The configuration file is a text file (YAML format) named mongod.cfg that should contain lines to configure the logging and data locations, as well as a setting for the slow operation threshold. For example:

    dbPath: P:\data\db
    destination: file
    path: C:\mongodb\log\mongo.log
    slowOpThresholdMs: 1000
    Important Note: The YAML format of the configuration above does not allow Tab characters. Use spaces instead.

  7. Install MongoDB as a Windows Service by running this command from an Administrator command prompt:

    C:\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe --config C:\mongodb\mongod.cfg --install

  8. Start the service from the command prompt using the following command:

    net start MongoDB

    If the service fails to start, check the log (C:\mongodb\log\mongo.log) for errors. Note that the service won't start if the logpath in the configuration file is pointing to a non-existent folder, or if the server can't access it. It may also fail to start if the configuration file is improperly formatted.

  9. Verify connectivity by running C:\mongodb\bin\mongo.exe which will display an error if it can’t connect to the MongoDB server.

  10. Per the MongoDB Production Notes, we recommend setting the Windows page file to the largest feasible multiple of 32 GB.

Standalone Repository Version 1.1.0. Copyright © 2015 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC