Package com.preemptive.instrumentation

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Interface Summary
FlowController A throttling mechanism for sending messages.

Class Summary
AndroidHelper Useful methods for instrumenting Android applications.
BinaryInfo Information about an executable or packaging component of the the executable.
ConfigurableFlowController A configurable flow controller that adjusts its interval time based on the number of messages that have been enqueued.
DefaultFlowController A trivial flow controller that returns a fixed interval and never drops messages.
ExceptionHandler Utility methods to added uncaught exception handlers to the application or the thread.
Expiry Implements the default behavior for Shelf Life expiration checking.
J2MERuntimeIntelligence The PreEmptive Analytics System runtime functions (J2ME environments).
Log4JAppender This log4j appender sends messages to the PreEmptive Analytics server.
RuntimeIntelligence The PreEmptive Analytics System runtime functions.
SendOfflineData Transmit saved off-line PA data to the PA server.
Token The token that defines either an absolute or relative expiration date with or without a warning period.

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Accessing this documentation inside Eclipse

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