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PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.IOfflineDataStore Interface Reference

Interface for offline storage. More...

Inherited by PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.OfflineDataStore.

Public Member Functions

void SaveBatch (MessageBatch messagebatch)
 Saves off a batch of messages. More...
MessageBatch GetSavedBatch ()
 Gets the next cached MessageBatch that will be sent. More...
void ClearBatch (MessageBatch messagebatch)
 Removest the specified message batch. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for offline storage.

Member Function Documentation

void PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.IOfflineDataStore.ClearBatch ( MessageBatch  messagebatch)

Removest the specified message batch.

messagebatchThe MessageBatch to remove.

Implemented in PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.OfflineDataStore.

MessageBatch PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.IOfflineDataStore.GetSavedBatch ( )

Gets the next cached MessageBatch that will be sent.

The next cached MessageBatch.

Implemented in PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.OfflineDataStore.

void PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.IOfflineDataStore.SaveBatch ( MessageBatch  messagebatch)

Saves off a batch of messages.

messagebatchThe batch of messages to be saved.

Implemented in PreEmptive.Analytics.Common.OfflineDataStore.

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