Why should your obfuscate and protect your Mobile Apps

Your mobile applications can present material organizational risk, including intellectual property theft, operational disruption, software piracy, and data loss. Below are some examples:

  1. Mobile apps may be modified with malware and placed on the public app marketplace.
  2. Mobile apps proprietary business logic can be inspected and/or copied.
  3. Mobile apps security and license checks may be circumvented.
  4. Debugging mobile apps may allow access to sensitive data such as personally identifiable or regulated information.
  5. Reverse engineering mobile apps can readily expose potential vulnerabilities and unlock otherwise secure access to high-value services.

Piracy, theft, and sabotage begins by targeting “weak links” in a revenue chain. And mobile apps are becoming a natural target for bad actors.

Our Security and Protection Solutions for Android & Java Obfuscation & more, .NET, UWP and Xamarin Obfuscation & more and iOS Obfuscation can help you significantly reduce your risks.
Because our protection is infused into your mobile application, the protection goes wherever your mobile app goes.