Application Analytics - Under Your Control

Managing anything without metrics is like flying blind. Without application analytics, you will miss quality goals, have higher maintenance costs, and lower customer satisfaction. With it, you can prioritize work based on actual usage patterns, identify, triage and resolve problems before your customers are seriously impacted and drive both hard and soft costs to a minimum.

How is PreEmptive's Application Analytics different than alternative products and software services?

  • Built to measure and monitor the most demanding deployments and mission-critical scenarios.
  • Cross-platform support including: .NET, WinRT, Windows Phone, JavaScript, Java, Android, Windows C++ and iOS.
  • Monitors your applications across platforms and surfaces (web, desktop, mobile, cloud) using code injection and/or simple APIs.
  • Includes essential security, opt-in and privacy features to meet compliance and other regulatory obligations.
  • Is fully client controlled supporting privacy policies and regulatory compliance. We have zero access to your data.
  • Built upon a modular, scalable and resilient architecture – supporting both cloud, on-premises and hybrid configurations – designed to work within your infrastructure – even as it evolves over time with your business.
  • Provides both usage analysis and incident (exception) data and real-time alerts.
  • Includes routing and distribution services which provides a great deal of flexibility including interoperability with other analytics services.
  • For applications that cannot transmit data off site, it can be stored locally and, at a later point in time, be replayed into one or more application analytics solutions.
  • For development organizations that take advantage of Microsoft Visual Studio, deep integration with Visual Studio will provide material ALM productivity and quality management advantages.

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PreEmptive Analytics for TFS PreEmptive Analytics Instrumentation Injection PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub PreEmptive Analytics Workbench