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Let’s face it, application protection isn’t an easy problem to solve.

PreEmptive Protection makes complex changes to bytecode making the resulting code nearly impossible for a human to understand but work correctly on all runtime platforms without impacting performance. It can also inject new code into those applications, to add pre-defined or custom behavior, also without breaking the app or introducing performance issues.

Our tools do all this from different build environments, across dev machines, tightly-restricted CI servers, and auto-provisioned cloud environments. This solution is designed to thwart attackers – maximizing protection of your IP & sweat equity.

Sometimes, professional help is required to get it right.

All PreEmptive products are designed to be easy to use, with GUI created for all familiarity and skill levels, but in case you need some more direction, PreEmptive has extensive documentation to support your operations and development operations security process.

If our documentation is not enough, get in touch with support:

  • Our team have seen all the common problems before
  • Can directly, personally troubleshoot uncommon problems
  • Can easily escalate the hardest of problems to our development teams, or even to the platform vendors (And still figure out a workaround, in the meantime!)