One Endpoint - Endless Possibilities

The PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub serves as the “one endpoint” for all of your applications, across all of our services, even as you expand and adjust your analytics strategies and implementations. The Data Hub monitors runtime data and routes that data to any/all other PreEmptive Analytics software and services (including other data hubs).

The PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub is an essential and genuinely unique product that provides a universal endpoint for all of your applications, giving you:

  • Scale and resilience across multiple analytics endpoints (PreEmptive’s and your own) now and for your future needs.
  • Control over your data across domains and organizational boundaries.
  • Multiplexing to direct data to multiple products in the PreEmptive Analytics suite or to other endpoints.
  • Separation of your application release cycles from analytics product adoption.
  • Routing and filtering of incoming data by application, version and customer profiles to support ALM and security practices.

The Data Hub allows you to dynamically change where individual applications stream their data, even after they’re in production. For example, if you have an application that might send security or privacy-sensitive data, the Data Hub can send the data to an on-premises PreEmptive Analytics Workbench and/or an on-premise PreEmptive Analytics TFS instance, while still sending less sensitive data to a PreEmptive Analytics Hosted Workbench or another third party service in the cloud. You can even have the Data Hub send to all of them at the same time.