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PreEmptive Protection – Dotfuscator is available in two editions. Dotfuscator Community is included with all versions of Visual Studio and offers basic application protection features. Dotfuscator Professional is available for evaluation or purchase and includes enterprise-grade protection, dedicated support, and commercial licensing. To learn more, please compare editions

Dotfuscator Professional

Quick Start Guide

Free trial*Download Trial

Website registration required.

LicensedDownloadRequires licensed user to log in.

Dotfuscator Community

Quick Start Guide

Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2019
Download Update

For the version included in Visual Studio, open Quick Launch (Ctrl+Q) and type Dotfuscator.

Detailed installation instructions.
Visual Studio 2015Download Update

This update adds command-line support, which was shipped in VS 2015 Update 3.

Check the Tools menu for Dotfuscator.

Visual Studio .NET
Visual Studio 2013
No updates

Dotfuscator Community is included in Visual Studio. Check the Tools menu for Dotfuscator.

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