PreEmptive Analytics Replayer

The PreEmptive Analytics Replayer is a command-line tool that can "replay" raw analytics envelopes, stored in a PreEmptive Analytics Standalone Repository's MongoDB database, to any arbitrary endpoint (e.g. a PreEmptive Analytics Workbench or a PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub). When coupled with the Standalone Repository, the Replayer provides a high-performance way to load historical data into a new or upgraded Workbench, or to repopulate an existing Workbench, either to test a new Indexer, or to populate the data that a newly-installed Indexer generates.

PreEmptive Analytics Standalone Repository

The PreEmptive Analytics Standalone Repository is an IIS web service that receives and stores raw analytics envelopes in a MongoDB database, for backup and re-analysis purposes. The Standalone Repository provides the data store that the PreEmptive Analytics Replayer uses to re-send the raw analytics envelopes to arbitrary endpoint, e.g. a PreEmptive Analytics Workbench or a PreEmptive Analytics Data Hub.

The Standalone Repository ensures that incoming messages are stored efficiently for future uses such as extended analysis and facilitating Workbench upgrades. The Repository is typically used with a Data Hub configured to backup messages to the Repository while simultaneously routing messages to real-time endpoints such as the Workbench.