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Product Demos

Demo of DashO Java and Android Obfuscator

Watch a quick overview of DashO – our obfuscation and hardening solution for Andriod and Java

Demo of Dotfuscator – .NET Obfuscator

Watch a quick, 5-minute overview of Dotfuscator.

Configuring Checks in DashO

How to use and configure checks in DashO.

Protecting a Xamarin app with Dotfuscator

Protect a Xamarin Android app with Dotfuscator using Visual Studio.

The New Way To Integrate Dotfuscator Into Your Build Is So Easy It Can Be Done Blindfolded!

Don’t believe us how easy it is to configure Dotfuscator? Then watch this video.

Demo of DashO Java and Android Obfuscator

Watch a quick overview of DashO – our obfuscation and hardening solution for Android and Java.

Interviews & Conferences

MSBuild Aftershow: Dotfuscator and JSDefender Announcements from PreEmptive

Nathan Arthur, VP of Engineering at PreEmptive and Michael Folley, host and interviewer of the Microsoft Build Post Show, talk about latest updates and news from PreEmptive.

Protecting Apps with Dotfuscator

Nathan Arthur, VP of Engineering at PreEmptive, talks DOTFUSCATOR with Jeffrey C# Fritz during Microsoft’s 2019 Virtual .NET Conf.

Android Rooted Devices Q&A

Our CTO and Co-Founder Bill Leach goes over Android rooted device most common questions. Check it out.

Hackers and Hacking: An insiders’ perspective

Alex Urbelis, CEO of Black Chambers Inc., an information security consultancy and Robert Barat, a producer and regular panelist on WBAI’s Off the Hook InfoSec radio show, discuss the most pressing social, economic, and legal issues surrounding hackers and hacking. Play here.


Application Protection and Security with PreEmptive

Learn why and how you should protect applications that run within untrusted environments in 90 seconds.

App Shielding with PreEmptive

Apps are one of three key “attack surfaces”. Protect them from tampering, vulnerability discovery and reverse-engineering to drive growth and enhance trust.

App Dev and the Law: GDPR, DTSA, and XY&Z

This webcast draws a straight line between your dev and DevOps practices and the new privacy, computing, and security obligations you’re facing (whether you know it or not). Play here.

Application Risk Management: Common Practices Combating Uncommon Risk

This webcast goes deeper into the topics covered in our recent blog post: The Six Degrees of Application Risk and offer some real-world scenarios. Play here.


Blazor Week

.NET 5, Blazor, and PreEmptive’s Dotfuscator integration discussed during Blazor Week!

Try the Online Demo

The Bald Bearded Builder takes his audience to JSDefender’s live demo page to show how obfuscation works realtime!

How to Obfuscate your JavaScript source code

Michael Jolley gives a quick course on using JSDefender Online tool.