Customers choose PreEmptive because they trust us to protect the value of their innovation

  • We offer high quality, highly flexible smart application protection to a wide variety of industries.
  • We have been obfuscating and protecting applications for almost 20 years, starting with DashO for Java in 1996.
  • We protect and secure applications for a very broad platform (including .NET, Java/Android and iOS)
  • We hit the sweet spot between cost, convenience and functionality.
  • We don’t require changes to your source code or impede your development effort.
  • Our dedicated, professional team knows how to program, they know our technology and their entire job is to make you successful.


  • We have over 300,000 users and 5,000 corporate clients spanning virtually every industry in over 100 countries.
  • Our mobile protection solutions are utilized by some of the largest mobile carriers in the world.
  • Our technologies are embedded into Visual Studio 2003-2018 and subject to Microsoft’s regression tests, code audits and security reviews. It is the only 3rd party technology to have this level of integration and validation.
  • Our solutions are used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

Our Promise

  • We will help you protect and secure your apps in a smart way.
  • We will exceed your expectations for quality, responsiveness and capability.