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Change Log - Version 1.5.0 - Release Date January 5, 2016


  • Added support for Windows 10 and IIS 10
  • Improved date-handling support for Workbench 1.1
  • Added support for headless installation
  • Added support for JavaScript API changes
  • Installer improvements


  • Updated RabbitMQ to v3.5.6 and Erlang to OTP 18.1
  • Company and Application IDs can only be GUIDs, not arbitrary strings
  • IIS application pool does not time out, by default
  • Updated EULA to match other products


  • Increased timeout for RabbitMQ operations
  • RabbitMQ thread pool is properly disposed
  • Fix issue where CPU monopolized during disconnect scenarios
  • Fix issue where tasks were not released after exception during retry