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Change Log - Version 1.1.0 - Release Date September 24, 2013


  • Revised WMI Performance Counters, including per-second queue counts.
  • Added loop detection.
  • Updated RabbitMQ version to 3.1.3.
  • Revised queueing thread model to prevent deadlocks.
  • RabbitMQ data folder location can now be configured during installation.
  • Various other installer improvements.

Functional Changes:

  • Messages that are being moved from an offline queue back to the same offline queue will be placed on the queue's tail, in case the message is the cause of the offline condition.
  • The Dispatch Service will not start if a destination has been renamed or deleted but there are still messages in the queues for the old name.


  • Unexpected errors during dispatch are logged and marked as errors, rather than causing an offline condition.
  • Messages whose Content-Length header mismatch the actual body length are rejected with status code 400.7.

Known Issues:

  • When an error response is returned for a non-durable destination, the logging incorrectly states that the message will be queued.
  • Install is allowed to continue even if ASP .NET feature is not enabled.
  • Various minor installer validation issues.