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Change Log - Version 1.3.0 - Release Date March 12, 2014


  • The Endpoint Web Service and Dispatch Service now automatically recover from RabbitMQ connection issues.
  • Usability and validation improvements to the installer.
  • Updated RabbitMQ version to 3.2.3.
  • Dispatch Service code is obfuscated.
  • Dispatch Service is configured for delayed automatic start.
  • Certain WMI instances (e.g., `_durable`) have been renamed (e.g., `_all_durable_destinations`).
  • Removed metadata page from the Endpoint Web Service.
  • Automatic removal of 0-length messages is logged at the INFO level instead of WARN.


  • When an error response is returned by a destination, it is logged at the WARN level instead of DEBUG.
  • Configuration files for the Endpoint Web Service are no longer read-only.

Known Issues:

  • Error responses always cause logging to state that the message will be queued, even when this is incorrect:
  • When the destination is non-durable (and doesn't ever queue messages), or
  • when the `errorGiveup` threshold has been reached (and the message is intentionally dropped).