Dotfuscator 4.31 - Release Date August 2017

Enhanced Security and Control

The following subset of specific incremental preventative, detective, and responsive controls play an important role in an effective, layered approach to application hardening.

  • Continuous refinement of rename, control flow, string encryption, and other standard obfuscation transformations
  • Improved ASP.NET Core SmartObfuscation

Configuration, Operations, Ease of Use

These automated, scalable, reliable, and auditable enhancements are essential to ensuring application hardening is a fully integrated component of your Development and DevOps processes and toolchain.

Why Upgrade?

  • New way of integrating, easier expansion
  • Cross-assembly obfuscation algorithms enhanced to better support Assembly Binding Redirects for non-strong-named assemblies.
  • Expanded Command Line Interface to include enhanced optimization and smart obfuscation reporting options

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