PreEmptive Analytics

Visual Studio Flashcast - Kicking off an Analytics Practice with PreEmptive Analytics

This flashcast introduces the specialized analytics category, application analytics, the key requirements and use cases that distinguish it, and a recommended approach for a successful initial implementation that will lead to a sustained, effective application analytics practice.

Visual Studio Flashcast - A Lap Around PreEmptive Analytics Instrumentation

This flashcast dives deeper into one of the most critical facets of application analytics, instrumentation. After laying out requirements and stepping through both injection and API approaches to instrumentation, we “follow the data” into two application analytics endpoints, PreEmptive Analytics for Team Foundation Server and PreEmptive Analytics Workbench.

Visual Studio Flashcast - A Lap Around PreEmptive Analytics Workbench

This flashcast dives deeper into the on-premises, team-centered application analytics platform highlighting its ease of use, extensibility, and its support for both existing and modern scenarios.

An Introduction to The PreEmptive Analytics Workbench

Take a quick lap around the latest addition to the PreEmptive Analytics platform; The PreEmptive Analytics Workbench.

Introduction to PreEmptive Analytics

Visual Studio 2012 Spotlight on Partners - Gabriel Torok, CEO of PreEmptive Solutions, talks about how PreEmptive Analytics allows development teams to eliminate waste and trace adoption, usage, and exception activity for their .NET, Java, Javascript or native apps.

A Lap Around PreEmptive Analytics for TFS with Justin Marks

Justin Marks, Program Manager for Team Foundation Server at Microsoft, takes a lap around PreEmptive Analytics for TFS highlighting his presentation at the ALM Summit.

TechEd EU Continuous Feedback in Agile Teams: PreEmptive Analytics (Excerpt)

A 42 minute excerpt from the TechEd Europe session Continuous Feedback in Agile Teams (DEV321).

PreEmptive Protection

Quick Demo of Dotfuscator

This quick six minute video will show you how easy it is to reverse engineer .NET code and how Dotfuscator protects can help protect it.

Prevent Reverse Engineering

This video demonstrates how “binary equals source code” in the world of .NET and Java. The presentation also steps you through the kinds of risks that reverse engineering can pose and how application hardening can help.

Reverse Engineering Applications

Joe Kuemerle, lead developer at PreEmptive Solutions, explains why someone would use reverse engineering, outlining some of the tools for managed .NET and Java code, along with demoing techniques. Recorded at CodepaLOUsa 2011 in Louisville, KY.