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Change Log - Version 1.0.0 - Release Date June 9, 2014


  • Substantial improvements to the understandability and usability of the custom indexer API
  • Numerous minor improvements to the understandability and maintainability of the portal configuration files
  • Multiple performance and scalability enhancements, throughout the system
  • Added new default reports: Custom Data, and Tamper
  • Improvements to logging and monitoring
  • Expanded, clarified, and reorganized the documentation and sample projects
  • Improvements to the install experience


  • All default indexers are installed as plugins, and can be removed
  • The default portal reports have been reorganized and improved
  • Documented the Query API (which may change in future releases)
  • Updated to the latest versions of RabbitMQ and MongoDB


  • Added support for Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode
  • The Computation Service is configured for "delayed start" to prevent startup timeouts
  • Various minor bug fixes