“JSDefender totally met what we needed. We needed obfuscation to protect our IP.”

/n Software

“JSDefender is able to be quickly integrated into existing build processes without any hassle. The documentation is clear, and the product has a variety of configuration options.”

Sidekick Interactive


“Best security plugin to protect my source code from unauthorized decompilation and extraction of code, cyber-attacks, as well as cracking of functions of the application. It provides optimization and refactoring of my code by removing unwanted code such as unused methods, functions, variables, etc. Also, it is very easy to integrate the obfuscator tool to my android application code.”


“DashO offered the optimal combination of obfuscation performance, customer support, and cost optimization. Overall, it’s a great money value for our needs.”


“It took me only a matter of hours to put things together, and after obfuscating my assemblies using Dotfuscator, 100% of my integration tests passed on the first run. Due to this success, we are pursuing the obfuscation of our mobile code using Xamarin.”

ProSearch Strategies

“Why did we pick Dotfuscator? I don’t know who else out there that we could have picked honestly. Dotfuscator is something I have seen professionally for decades.”

Bayshore Networks

“The reason I chose to go with Dotfuscator is – since it’s been around for so long, I figured it was my best chance for success. It seems like you folks have the most history with Visual Studio. Comparing [your competitor’s] sheet with your sheet, it seems to me, you had a richer feature set.”

Surgical Theater

“It’s very easy to work with and your product doesn’t add a burden or any problem to my normal flow of releasing a version. On the contrary. It’s very seamless. Please don’t change it.”