PreEmptive Protection – Shielding Apps Worth Protecting

Thousands of developers around the world create software every day worth protecting, the innovative applications that showcase a company’s most exciting technologies or control access to their most critical hardware or data. For code and data worth protecting, PreEmptive is able to bring a combination of app shielding, hardening & obfuscation (including detection, defense and alert controls) to secure apps before they are released. With tools used by more than 5000 companies in 100+ countries, here are just a few examples of apps created by developers that their employers felt was worth protecting:

Founded in 2001, Itexis offers application stress testing and application monitoring solutions based on user perception. The AppsLoad® and AppsMon® suites simulate application production usage stressors and predict potential performance bottlenecks and points of failure. AppsLoad® and AppsMon® provide performance metrics and graphical analysis to accelerate and qualitatively improve incident response outcomes. In 2004, the French Senate and INRIA (French National Institute for Research Computer Science and Control) awarded Itexis its Grand Prize in recognition of its innovative technology and solutions. Itexis’ expertise and intellectual property are most evident inside their flagship product lines – and protecting their work is almost as important as the work itself. 

“Our development includes unique algorithms in form recognition and artificial intelligence,” said Serge Levi, CEO Itexis. “PreEmptive Solutions Dotfuscator gives us the ability to efficiently protect our software with a straightforward and reliable implementation. We also appreciate their support staff who work with us throughout our development process to ensure that we have the most secure, stable, and performant implementation.”

ABBF Bausoft AG has spent nearly 30 years developing high quality software for the construction industry covering every aspect of this complex and multidisciplinary industry.

ABBF applications automate advanced algorithms and processes and manage high value client data. ABBF has long recognized the critical importance of protecting its own Intellectual Property and application software they know that they need to invest in securing their clients’ data, trade secrets, and confidential information as well.

Since 2010, ABBF Bausoft AG has relied upon PreEmptive Solutions to help mitigate these risks without impacting their applications’ performance, scalability, reliability, or ease of use for their many clients. “Dotfuscator operates as a seamless step within our complex development and deployment processes,” said Mr. Jürg Furthmüller, Development Manager and Product Owner ABBF Bausoft AG. “We build our software over 25 times per day, 365 days per year,” Furthmüller continued. “Dotfuscator’s quality, reliability, and performance are as critical to ABBF as are Dotfuscator’s security and risk management controls.”

Argonne is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where talented scientists and engineers work together to answer the biggest questions facing humanity, from how to obtain affordable clean energy to protecting ourselves and our environment.

Developed in collaboration with General Motors, Autonomie is a software environment and framework for automotive control-system design, simulation, and analysis. The application covers energy consumption, performance analysis throughout the entire vehicle development process (such as model-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, and software-in-the-loop) by leveraging its Plug-and-Play Powertrain and Vehicle Model Architecture and Development Environment.

PreEmptive Protection serves as an important layer securing the valuable intellectual property and valuable data embedded within and produced by this groundbreaking platform.

A leader in financial services in Iceland, Íslandsbanki is a universal bank with total assets of EUR 8.9bn and a 25%-50% market share across all domestic business segments. Íslandsbanki’s mobile app provides quick access to account statements, unpaid bills and transfers to friends and family. Íslandsbanki is using Xamarin to meet the demanding mobile requirements facing every financial institution – and using PreEmptive Protection to better secure their Android and iOS apps.

Today more than ever, speed, reliability, and convenience are the decisive factors for ensuring the desirability of modern mass-transit railways – and therefore for their commercial success. The key to meeting these criteria is optimum line utilization through railway automation. Siemens Rail Automation includes the following components:

  • Automatic Train Control Systems
  • Signaling Components
  • Level Crossing Protection Systems
  • Operations Control Systems & Rail IT
  • Electronic Interlockings

Siemens uses PreEmptive Protection as an integral component of their multi-layered approach to security, quality and reliability across multiple lines of business since 2003.

PreEmptive secures application assets for Traka, a global leader who “Secures, manages and audits their clients’ sensitive assets.

Traka provides total management solutions for keys, equipment, vehicles and sensitive areas and provides customizable options and the ability to integrate into existing systems. Traka has a global footprint which extends to over 70 countries and 44,000 employees globally.

Traka provides embedded applications, services and a web application that are deployed to client facilities and PreEmptive Protection is used secure these critical applications against hackers and competitors.

FlowWright offers a low-cost, high power modular BPM/workflow solution to help software companies, integrators, and operating companies. With graphical artifacts of executing workflows, business intelligence metrics and a dashboard, FlowWright keeps critical business process information at your fingertips.

Hardening FlowWright against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized debugging was seen as an important step in securing Intellectual Property and defending against piracy, counterfeiting, and other malicious acts.

“Dotfuscator cleared all of our technical requirements on three fronts; the security it extended to our applications, the extent to which we could automate application hardening into our development process, and the efficiency with which it did all of the above,” said Dileepa Wijayanayake, FlowWright CTO.