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PreEmptive Solutions’ provides an integrated application analytics and protection platform.

Application Analytics

Did you know that high performing organizations are twice as likely to use analytics in both their future planning and their day-to-day operations?

Do you think that your development and IT operations will never be able to get the same analytics boost because of your complex application lifecycle processes and your ever-changing privacy, security, and compliance obligations? Well, think again.

PreEmptive Analytics monitors and measures production application adoption and quality, and maps usage to operational results. And, it is built specifically to run in closed, secure, and regulated environments. Learn more or contact us for a free consolation and a demo.

Application Hardening

Enterprises, software vendors and equipment manufacturers have all come to recognize a simple truth: Reverse engineering managed code is a common practice and, with the right tools, it is extremely easy to do. Dotfuscator and DashO provide enterprise-grade protection, greatly reducing the risk of piracy, intellectual property theft and tampering.

Through a combination of technology, processes and effective controls, we offer material risk mitigation lowering the likelihood of damage and transferring risk entirely out of your organization. Learn more.