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Community Edition User Guide

Debugging Check

With the Debugging Check, Dotfuscator injects code that detects the use of a managed debugger at runtime.


Debugging Checks can be added to your code by following the Check configuration instructions, using the DebuggingCheckAttribute in step 2.

In the output assemblies, whenever a method that was annotated with DebuggingCheckAttribute is called, the injected code will first check if a managed debugger is attached to the application and, if configured, notify the application code of the result. If the Check detected a debugger, it will transmit Check Telemetry and perform a Check Action, if these are configured.

Supported Application Types

Dotfuscator Community Edition (Dotfuscator CE) can inject Debugging Checks into all .NET assemblies except for the following:


To test how the Debugging Checks injected into your application react to a debugger's presence, run the modified application and attach to it with a debugger, such as Visual Studio or MDbg. When a method that was annotated with DebuggingCheckAttribute is called by the application, the Debugging Check will activate.

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