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 Post subject: Instrumented your WP7 app but you’re not seeing any data?
PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:36 pm 
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Here is a quick set of steps with some supporting info to step you through the process of figuring out why you are not seeing runtime data inside the Runtime Intelligence portal.

You want to make sure that your app is actually instrumented, that you are sending data to the correct destination, that the app has the proper wp7 capabilities, that you are looking at the correct destination, that you have waited long enough for the data to be processed, and that your search filter is not excluding the data for some reason. Here's how...

- Is the app instrumented to send to WP7 endpoint?
Be sure that you are sending your data to

You can check the CustomEndpoint property inside the PreEmptive.Attributes.SetupAttribute attribute. This is endpoint is the default value.

- Are you logging into the WP7 portal?
You need to log into (not

- Was the application properly instrumented?
The Dotfuscator build output should call out every attribute that it is injecting individually. If no such list appears, then your app was not properly configured.

- Does the application have the necessary <Capabilities> in the WMAppManifest (in the Properties folder in Solutions Explorer)?
o For general message sending,
<Capability Name="ID_CAP_NETWORKING" />
o For correct collection of device/user identity for the purpose of unique user counts, etc.
<Capability Name="ID_CAP_IDENTITY_USER" />
<Capability Name="ID_CAP_IDENTITY_DEVICE" />

- Is any data leaving the app?
o Check with fiddler/wireshark/etc.

- If it is not, are you sure that the method with the SetupAttribute is called before any FeatureAttributes (or others).

- Does your app have a network connection? If not, the messages will be persisted to Isolated Storage (due to lack of network or app teardown considerations).

- Is the data still in the Queued Data Report on the portal?
This is the first data table you see when you log in – if you see data in the Queued Data Report, then messages are getting through and you must wait for processing to complete. In the worst case, this may take as long as 24 hours). Note, the data will show up in the Queued Data Report within a minute or two.

- Are you seeing usage data but not custom data associated with the app runs? Custom data is processed separately and may not show up for an hour or so after the standard data data types.

- Was the data sent "today" (according to UTC)? The default end date in the search filter is yesterday (to avoid unexplained “drop offs” in activity on the last data point). Change the end date of the filter to today – be sure to hit “apply filter.”

I hope this helps a few of you out there - as always - if you have any additional diagnostics that we should add or corrections to suggest - please do so - its much appreciated. *AND thanks (again) to Dave P who put most of this info together!

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