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Harden iOS App Source Code Against Theft

iOS Developer? Harden iOS App Source Code Against Theft

Imagine pouring your heart and soul into an iOS project, where every line of code is ingenuity in action. Your [...]
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Dotfuscator Return Codes in Build Automation

Support Corner: Dotfuscator Return Codes in Build Automation

The transition from traditional, on-premises automated build environments to cloud-based CI/CD solutions marks a significant evolution. This shift towards platforms [...]
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PCI DSS Compliant featured image

10 PCI DSS Misconceptions That Get Businesses Into Trouble

This blog is a brief guide to PCI DSS. It explains why it's an essential part of modern transactions and [...]
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The 5 Critical Risks of Ignoring iOS App Security

The 5 Critical Risks of Ignoring iOS App Security

Ask any mobile app developer their biggest fear and they’re likely to say security breaches or data leaks — with [...]
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Moving from xamarin forms to .net maui featured image

Moving From Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI? Here’s How

Few things move faster than mobile app development. So staying ahead, and even keeping up, means embracing change. Microsoft’s .NET [...]
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4 things to know about code security featured image

Updating Old Code in 2024? Four Things to Know About Code Security

‍ Why Updating Code Is Important The main reason code requires updates is security. When code is in the shop, [...]
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Top 5 mobile app security predictions for 2024 featured image

Top 5 Mobile App Security Predictions for 2024

The year is rounding the last bend, leaving businesses to gear up for what’s next. Preparing for the future requires [...]
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Config properties in Dotfuscator featured image

Support Corner: Config Properties in Dotfuscator

Enterprise application development is a complex process that involves various elements. Throughout our Support Corner discussions, we have talked about [...]
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Defender for iOS release

Announcing the Release of Defender for iOS beta

  Mobile application developers know that safeguarding applications has never been more crucial. The pace at which security threats advance [...]
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