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Visual Studio 2015 Dotfuscator CE Adoption: The first 500 users

For the first time since its launch in 2003, Dotfuscator Community Edition (CE), the no cost obfuscator included with Visual Studio, [...]
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6 Signs That You May be Overdue for a Mobile Application Risk Review

Every organization must ultimately make their own assessment as to the level of risk they are willing to tolerate – [...]
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PreEmptive Solutions’ Mobile Application Risk Management Portfolio: Four Releases in Four Weeks

Preventing IP theft, data loss, privacy violations, software piracy, and a growing list of other risks uniquely tied to the [...]
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A Much Better Way to Obfuscate Windows Store / Appx Apps

Dotfuscator has supported Windows Store apps (i.e. Appx packages) since 2012, but integrating Dotfuscator into the development workflow has been [...]
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Your Phone Can Be a Very Scary Place

Mobile apps are changing our social, cultural, and economic landscapes – and, with the many opportunities and perks that these [...]
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PreEmptive Extends Free Access to Dotfuscator for WP7 Plus New WP8/WinRT Plans

PreEmptive Solutions is pleased to announce our extended support for Windows Phone and WinRT apps. The specifics are as follows:  [...]
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It takes an ecosystem

This is my simple tale of how two people with an idea and no programming skills conceived, developed and launched [...]
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Dotfuscator 4.9.6 to Ship February 11

New features include: 10X performance improvement for Runtime Intelligence messaging on Silverlight and XNA apps (on and off of the [...]
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Pacquiao, Lebron, and … Microsoft

Is Microsoft more like Pacquiao or Lebron – and why should we care?  As a longtime Cavaliers season ticketholder, I [...]
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