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Top 5 mobile app security predictions for 2024 featured image

Top 5 Mobile App Security Predictions for 2024

The year is rounding the last bend, leaving businesses to gear up for what’s next. Preparing for the future requires [...]
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Config properties in Dotfuscator featured image

Support Corner: Config Properties in Dotfuscator

Enterprise application development is a complex process that involves various elements. Throughout our Support Corner discussions, we have talked about [...]
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Defender for iOS release

Announcing the Release of Defender for iOS beta

  Mobile application developers know that safeguarding applications has never been more crucial. The pace at which security threats advance [...]
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Defender for iOS

Press Release: PreEmptive Unveils Defender for iOS

  AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA – December 19, 2023 – PreEmptive, a pioneering force in application security, is excited to announce [...]
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What's new in Gradle 8 featured image

What’s New in Gradle 8?

Automation becomes more vital to coding practices with each passing year. The reasons are manifold given the right automation tools: [...]
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What is reverse engineering featured image

What Is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is a process of deconstructing, dissecting, and analyzing a hardware device, software program, or system to understand its [...]
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What is code encryption featured image

What Is Code Encryption?

  Developers and organizations are today faced with the constant threat of malicious actors stealing their software programs. And that’s [...]
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What are the iOS security vulnerabilities featured image

What Are the iOS Security Vulnerabilities?

iOS is well-known for its robust security framework, but vulnerabilities in the operating system still exist. These are flaws or [...]
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Protect your software before, during and after a hack featured image

Protect your Software Before, During and After the Hack

Hackers are increasingly targeting consumer and enterprise mobile, server and desktop apps as attack vectors. Your applications may be at [...]
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