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You can’t see me, I’m obfuscating (on Windows Phone)

Recent communications from Microsoft have resulted in a wave of interest (to put it mildly) in obfuscation. Obfuscation is not [...]
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Google Android & Microsoft Windows Phone table

Biting the hand in the gift horse’s mouth

I have been watching the growing “outrage” around the WP7 app reverse engineering controversy; outrage wrapped with an unmistakable implication [...]
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A phone by any other ‘nym is just as slick

(…or, are smartphones also people too?) One of my favorite words is retronym. A retronym is a new name for an [...]
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Dotfuscator 4.8.1000 with XAML obfuscation support

This past Monday we released a significant update of Dotfuscator. After introducing BAML support in 4.7.1000, we are proud to [...]
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PreEmptive is doing its part to help the Vancouver Winter Olympics go off smoothly.

Online viewers of the Vancouver Olympics on are using Silverlight based video and photo viewers delivering full HD quality [...]
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Application Intrusion Detection

I recently worked with a UNIX security expert setting up a small pile of servers. We hired him to handle [...]
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Dotfuscator and MSBuild

As of Dotfuscator Professional 4.37 there is a much faster, easier, and more reliable way to integrate Dotfuscator into MSBuild. These instructions are [...]
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