PreEmptive Protection - DashO v8.2 User Guide

User Preferences

The User Preferences dialog lets you configure some aspects of PreEmptive Protection - DashO's user interface and pass options to the obfuscation engine. These values are not saved in project files and apply to any projects that DashO has loaded.

General Options

Text editor

This is the name of the application that is used to view the project file and reports generated by DashO. Note that you can use property references when setting the text editor name.

Show Toolbar

This controls the visibility of the tool bar buttons.

Tree Collapsible

This enables or disables collapsing the sections in the left-hand side navigation.

Show wizard on startup

This controls if the new project wizard will automatically launch when DashO is opened.

Auto update check

This enables an update check at start-up that sees if an updated version of DashO is available.

DashO Engine Options

Verbose output

This is the same as passing --verbose to DashO's command line version. See DashO Command Line for details. Please note that enabling verbose output can increase the build time.

This is the same as passing --printStackTraces to DashO's command line version. See DashO Command Line for details.

Debug output

This requests DashO to produce debugging output. In general this option should remain off unless instructed by PreEmptive support staff.

Instrumentation Options

When you start using a PreEmptive Analytics product (such as the PreEmptive Analytics Workbench or PreEmptive Analytics for TFS) you will need to generate a company ID to use in your instrumented applications. Clicking the button next to ID will automatically populate the ID field with a random identifier that you can use for your company.

To Configure Instrumentation

  • Click Help > User Preferences to open the Preferences Dialog Box. Click on the Instrumentation tab.

  • Enter your Company ID and the Name of your company in the appropriate fields. The ID and the Name are the default values for your projects. These will be set as the defaults on the Injection-Options page when you enable instrumentation.

  • Click OK.

PreEmptive Protection - DashO Version 8.2.0. Copyright © 2017 PreEmptive Solutions, LLC