This guide is designed to help you find the solution that best fits your needs. If you would prefer to speak directly to one of our solution specialists, please contact us!

Are you interested in protecting your intellectual property, combating piracy, and reducing the risk of tampering and data loss?

Are you interested in monitoring and measuring application adoption and user behavior?

The PreEmptive Analytics family of products, and specifically our PreEmptive Analytics Workbench, is designed to deliver session, feature, exception, and custom data to development, product management and operations.

Are you interested in connecting production incidents (unhandled, handled and thrown exceptions) back to your development, support and product management teams?

PreEmptive Analytics for TFS is designed to aggregate, analyze and schedule work items inside Microsoft Team Foundation Server in near real-time (or in perfect cadence with your development sprints).

Are you interested in injecting instrumentation (the ability to monitor your apps) into assemblies without having to call APIs or even access you source code?

Dotfuscator for .NET and DashO for Java can inject instrumentation into your desktop, mobile, server and cloud-based components with no programming or access to source code required.