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Professional-grade obfuscation and in-app protection for over 20 years!

Every app needs security measures to protect its users and code—that goes double for JavaScript-based applications. Without proper protection, your app could be at risk of tampering, misuse, data theft, intellectual property infringement, and more.

JSDefender has been providing professional-grade obfuscation and in-app protection for JavaScript apps for over 20 years. Discover more about this state-of-the-art JavaScript obfuscator and the techniques it uses to protect your JavaScript-based applications.
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The Global Standard for In-App Protection

80% of Fortune 500 Dev Teams and Developers Use PreEmptive Dotfuscation!

What Does JSDefender Help Prevent?

Languages like .NET and Java are compiled to intermediate, stack-based assembly instructions before your app distributes them in a binary. Apps using JavaScript, on the other hand, distribute their code in source form.

As a result, your code is directly visible to anyone who has access to a browser or app. Therefore, potential hackers can easily use a debugger or decompiler to spot vulnerabilities in your code and use them to their advantage.

Reverse Engineering

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Unauthorized Debugging

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How Does JavaScript Obfuscation with JSDefender Work?

Our layered approach to JavaScript hardening provides multiple layers of protection for your application. Some of the elements we use to layer your application’s security include:
How Does JavaScript Obfuscation with JSDefender Work
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What Obfuscated JavaScript Looks Like

When you use JSDefender to obfuscate your JS code, your code immediately becomes incomprehensible to decompiling tools. Here’s what JavaScript with obfuscated code looks like.

How to Obfuscate JavaScript with JSDefender

With as many options as the tool has for obfuscating your JavaScript code, JSDefender has hundreds of possible combinations you can use to protect your work. All you have to do is open a command line and start up JSDefender.

From there, JSDefender helps you to scramble and obfuscate the most vulnerable parts of your code, preventing bad actors from being able to tamper with it.

Try our free online obfuscation tool to get a taste of how the program can work for yourself!

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Want to See JSDefender in Action?

Here’s a video with a quick overview of how JSDefender works as a code obfuscation tool. Our customer success expert Mike walks through how to use the tool using PacMan as his test subject.

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JSDefender gives you layers upon layers of code protection and world-class support for all major JS frameworks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Defender for iOS alongside DashO for our Android apps has been a game-changer, giving us a complete mobile protection solution. It's reassuring to know our apps are secure on both platforms with such powerful tools at our disposal.