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Professional-grade Application Protection

Baseline obfuscation and runtime protection checks.
Our flagship, enterprise-ready application hardening tool for maximizing protection & security.
License Type
Personal Use
Commercial Use
Protection / Obfuscation
Cross Assembly Renaming
Renaming Schemes
WPF XAML Renaming
UWP XAML Renaming
Xamarin.Forms XAML Renaming
Randomized Renaming
Renaming Prefix 
Enhanced Overload Induction 
Incremental Obfuscation 
HTML Renaming Report 
Control Flow 
String Encryption 
Build Integrations
Command Line
MSBuild (.NET Standard) 
Visual Studio 
Visual Studio for Mac 
Azure DevOps
App Center 
User Interface
Standalone UI
Command Line
MSBuild (.NET Standard) 
Supported Application Types
SQL CLR Applications
.NET Core**
.NET Standard Library
Satellite Assembly Support
Integrated ClickOnce
Managed C++ (Mixed Mode) Assembly Support 
Build / Packaging
Directory Wildcard
User definable dependent assembly search path
Strong Named Assembly Resigning 
Pre and Post Build Events 
Debugging Support
Stack Trace Translation
PDB Round Tripping
Deployment Optimizations
Assembly Linking 
HTML/XML Removal Report 
Unused Code Removal 
Const Removal 
Active Runtime Protection: Anti-Debug
Exit Application Action
Custom Action
Debugger Reporting via Custom Action
Additional Actions 
Probabilistic Actions 
Active Runtime Protection: Anti-Tamper
Exit Application Action
Custom Action
Tamper Reporting via Custom Action
Xamarin.Android Support 
Additional Actions 
Probabilistic Actions 
Active Runtime Protection: Application Expiration (Shelf-Life)
Exit Application Expiration Action
Expiration Reporting via Custom Action
Embedded Shelf Life Token
Custom Expiration Action
Expiration Warning Actions 
Custom Shelf Life Token Source 
Active Runtime Protection: Root Check (For Xamarin.Android)
Exit Application Action
Custom Action
Rooted Device Reporting via Custom Action
Additional Actions 
Probabilistic Actions 
Product Support
Live Support 
PricingFREE for Personal UseLicensing by Development Team
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*Obfuscation transforms only; Checks and Instrumentation are not supported at this time.

The current version of Dotfuscator includes the latest features.

Supported Platforms
Dotfuscator can process apps from .NET Framework 1.0 and later, .NET Core 2 and later, .NET 5, .NET 6, .NET 7, and Mono, with targeted support for frameworks including Xamarin, MAUI, UWP, ASP.NET, .NET Standard, and many more. Dotfuscator’s build components can run on .NET Framework 4.7.2+, .NET Core 2.1+ and Mono 6+, on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Config Editor requires .NET Framework on Windows.