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Your Organization Should Not Risk an Attack

Businesses rely on their applications more than ever for their day-to-day operations—meaning cyberattacks are even more devastating than ever before. Discover more about what you can do to prevent revenue loss, user identity theft, intellectual property theft, and more with our desktop application security tools.
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Why You Need Desktop Application Security

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Your desktop (client) applications perform many critical functions for your business. Partly because of this, they can be susceptible to online piracy, tampering, vulnerability probing, and data and IP breaches.

Similarly, while server applications have some protection from firewalls, they can also be vulnerable to attacks when your customers host them, run them on external servers, or access them directly through misconfigurations or firewall breaches.

There are dozens of ways hackers can probe your applications to discover and exploit vulnerabilities. For example, one of the most common—and to date, most devastating—methods they use to find ways to attack applications is by picking apart and modifying apps with debugging and reverse engineering tools.

In turn, this means you’re at risk of financial and reputational damage that can be hard to reverse once it starts. Millions of dollars are lost to these types of attacks every year, meaning additional application security measures are more important than ever.

How PreEmptive Can Help

PreEmptive helps developers mitigate the security risks that are associated with their applications before they ever even go live, keeping their users safer and helping them prevent revenue and IP loss.

Our family of products helps prevent hacking attempts across mobile, desktop, server, and embedded applications, including:

Passive attacks: This includes decompiling and reverse engineering attacks.

Active attacks: Debugging and tampering will be much harder with these applications.


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Furthermore, PreEmptive’s products allow you to report and react to active attacks as they’re happening, stopping hackers in their tracks.
Here are some ways PreEmptive and its portfolio of programs are helping developers harden their apps every day.

Manage Risk

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One of the biggest unspoken risks in application development is the distribution of uncontrolled source code, which has different industry-specific risks associated with it. For example, credit unions and other financial services rely on their mobile and desktop apps to allow people to handle their own banking, but they also need added layers of security. This is partially because they’re vulnerable to risks from people losing their money if an application is compromised. Similar regulations exist for other industries such as hospitals, telecom companies, manufacturers, and beyond. 

PreEmptive helps reduce these industry-specific risks and maintain industry-specific compliance by testing and obfuscating code, making it harder for hackers to understand any code they come across. Our software security programs also protect your app by detecting attempts at tampering in real time and shutting down the app.

Add Protection

PreEmptive’s desktop application security tools apply a layered approach to protecting binary code. Some of the features it uses to provide additional layers of application hardening include:
  • Code obfuscation
  • User string and code encryption
  • Shielding
  • Tamper-proofing
  • Code watermarking
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These steps make it harder for attackers and the equipment they use to exploit your application. Together, these extensible functions ensure you receive the right mix of protection, response, and reporting features you need to protect your application.

Even more, because the program injects these added layers of protection directly into your client or server-based Java and .NET applications, wherever your app goes, the protection goes with it.

The Benefits of Our Desktop Application Security Tools

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PreEmptive’s desktop application security testing tools grant developers peace of mind while thwarting hackers from being able to exploit your work. They make it easier to harden your application before releasing it—so hackers have to be more skilled to get inside. It will also take them much longer to successfully breach your app, even with some of the most sophisticated debugging tools available.

Thousands of the world’s top developers are using app hardening as part of their development lifecycle. This helps them protect their intellectual property and revenue, and prevents hackers from decompiling their software.
Some of the other benefits of our code protection tools include:
  • The ability to quickly fortify both legacy and new applications
  • Releasing high-value applications into untrusted environments with peace of mind
  • Having the strongest protection available while still being compliant with industry standards
  • Staying one step ahead of hackers and decompiling tools
  • Coverage for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Android, iOS, and beyond
These tools are also quick and easy to use! However, if you ever find yourself having trouble using it for any reason, we also offer live support from our dedicated team of experts.

Desktop Application Security from PreEmptive

Our suite of application security products protect desktop, mobile Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


One of the top .NET, Xamarin, and Maui obfuscation tools on the market, Dotfuscator goes a step beyond simply renaming your C# code. Dotfuscator’s C# obfuscation encryption features include:
  • Rename obfuscation
  • Control flow obfuscation
  • Code tamper detection
  • Watermarking algorithm
  • Debug detection & defense
  • Expiration & deactivation logic
  • Root device checks

Discover more about Dotfuscator and how its features protect your .NET and Xamarin applications.

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Designed to protect Android applications and those using Java, DashO makes obfuscation and hardening an easy part of the SDLC. In addition to offering some of the same hardening features Dotfuscator offers for .NET, DashO also offers:
  • String encryption
  • Resource encryption
  • Removal of unused types and methods
  • Tamper detection
  • Emulator check for Android
  • Hooking check for Android

Find out more about how DashO can help your Android-based applications stay safe.


JSDefender has provided in-app protection to JavaScript apps for over 20 years. Since apps using JavaScript distribute their code directly from the source, it’s directly visible to anyone who has access to a browser or app—including hackers who are trying to access sensitive data through the app.

JSDefender reduces your app’s attack surface area by utilizing the following elements:
  • Domain locking
  • Control flow protection
  • Boolean literals
  • Function reordering
  • Tamper detection
  • And more

Learn more about how JSDefender’s obfuscation techniques can keep your JavaScript-based applications and their users safe.

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Defender for iOS

Applications on iOS are just as vulnerable to hacking attempts as they are on any other platform. Some of Defender’s key mobile app hardening features for iOS include:
  • Control flow obfuscation
  • Rename obfuscation
  • iOS jailbreak detection

Check out some of the other features Defender for iOS offers to protect your applications across all device types.

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