Comprehensive Mobile App Security

Your organization can’t afford to be hacked.

Even more than apps that run in secure environments, mobile app security is essential for those that run in untrusted environments. Because mobile applications give hackers such an easy gateway to a wealth of proprietary and user information they can exploit, it’s essential to take a layered approach to securing yours.
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Why You Need Mobile Application Security Solutions

Mobile applications have been a frequently overlooked blind spot for security for years. However, as hackers get smarter and keep finding new routes for exploitation through consumer and enterprise-facing apps, making secure mobile applications is becoming more important than ever.

Here’s just one example that’s all too common: Hackers can easily reverse-engineer your Android or iOS app using decompiling tools. Once the decompiler is finished working, they can easily understand how your app works—and all the weak points it may have in its code that they can exploit to access user data, banking information, and more.

Most successful hacking attempts—whether they’re reverse engineering attacks, digital piracy, identity theft, debugging attacks, or so on—work by targeting the weakest links in the software supply chain. Because of this, mobile apps are naturally low-hanging fruit that they can target with ease.
Fortunately, developers can protect their mobile apps by taking steps to make them more resilient against reverse engineering, unauthorized debugging attempts, and digital espionage.
With the right mobile app security testing and obfuscation tools, developers can make it easier to prevent:
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How PreEmptive Can Help

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PreEmptive’s suite of app hardening tools applies a layered approach to binary code protection. Each product does this using a combination of code obfuscation, encryption, root device detection, shielding, and tamper-proofing to make your apps more difficult for people and machines to exploit.

Our combination of extensible security measures ensures you’ll get the perfect combination of protection, response, and reporting features you need to protect your apps. Even more, because our products inject their protective measures right into your mobile app in its binary form, the protection follows your mobile app wherever it may go.

The Benefits of Mobile App Security Tools

In addition to keeping your programs safer for your users and customers, there are benefits to taking steps toward app hardening. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Preventing intellectual property theft: Your development team worked too hard to make your mobile application to simply let someone copy and make money off of it. The proprietary information your app has is also a treasure trove that hackers can steal and sell to your competitors to make a quick mint. Protecting your mobile app’s source code with obfuscation tools makes it harder for hackers to get into your application and run wild with what they find.

Protecting against digital piracy: In addition to stealing parts of your source code to sell to competitors, hackers can also use your application’s source code to create pirated versions of your app, cutting into your bottom line. This also puts users’ personal information at risk—because if hackers are willing to exploit your app information, there’s little stopping them from finding users’ credit card numbers.

Preserving your reputation: Mobile application hacks cost the economy millions of dollars each year, along with damaging companies’ reputations beyond repair. That isn’t even counting the lawsuits, settlements, industry fines, and other financial consequences. Hardening your mobile apps makes these security breaches less likely—and less expensive to clean up.

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Mobile Application Protection Software

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DashO is designed to protect mobile applications on Android and those that use Java or Kotlin as their primary language. It offers multiple layers of security measures for mobile applications using these platforms, making it harder to successfully reverse-engineer them. Some of DashO’s features include:
  • Root check for Android
  • Resource encryption
  • Anti-debug checks
  • Emulator check for Android
  • Hooking check for Android


Dotfuscator specializes in protecting both Android and iOS applications built using Xamarin, .NET, and Maui. Its layers of C# encryption go beyond simple renaming obfuscation and are designed to reduce your application’s attack surface area. Some of the features unique to Dotfuscator’s mobile app security tools include:
  • Code watermarking
  • C# string encryption
  • Code pruning
  • Assembly linking
  • Expiration date logic
  • And more

See how Dotfuscator can keep your C#-based applications safe from hacking attempts and protect your users in real-time using cutting-edge security measures.

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Defender for iOS

Designed with iOS applications in mind, Defender for iOS specializes in providing professional-grade app protection for Swift and Objective-C-based applications. It uses a three-step process to add layers of security—simply configure it to identify what you need it to protect, run the application, and let Defender analyze and build security measures for your source code.

Some of the key features of Defender for iOS include:
  • Control flow obfuscation
  • Rename obfuscation
  • iOS jailbreak detection

Discover more about Defender for iOS and its protective features.


JavaScript is both a practical and powerful coding language, but applications using it are also extremely vulnerable to hacking attempts. This is because they distribute their code in source form, right from the browser or app itself—making it easy to decompile or debug to spot vulnerabilities. JSDefender takes a multi-layered approach to obfuscating JavaScript code.

Some of the program’s unique features include:
  • Domain locking
  • Date locking
  • Transforming literals
  • Function reordering
  • Property indirection and sparsing
  • And more

Find out more about the specifics of how JSDefender keeps JavaScript-based applications safe from hacking attempts and protects them from reverse engineering attacks.

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