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Trusted security tool for Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, and IoT applications.

Our Dotfuscator uses a multi-tiered defense uses obfuscation, runtime checks, and attack detection to protect source code against data leakage, reverse engineering, and tampering.

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80% of Fortune 500 Dev Teams and Developers Use PreEmptive Dotfuscation!

What Does Dotfuscator Help Prevent?

Our layered approach, hardens provides many layers of protection: multiple forms of obfuscation (renaming, string encryption, resource encryption, control flow) plus active runtime checks (tamper, debug, root, and more). Dotfuscator helps protect and obfuscate your .NET and Xamarin/Maui applications from:

Reverse Engineering


Unauthorized Debugging

How Does Dotfuscator Work?

PreEmptive Dotfuscator is the application shielding solution developers use and trust. It allows developers to add layers of protection directly to source code with data obfuscation techniques, runtime checks, pre-defined response behaviors based on custom logic, and more.
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  • Discover how to execute RASP, adding runtime checks in real time.
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  • Support for .NET, Java, Android, Xamarin, iOS and JavaScript,.
  • Mitigate intellectual property loss threats.

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Dotfuscator – App Protection for .NET & Xamarin is a leader in Mobile Data Security on G2
Dotfuscator – App Protection for .NET & Xamarin is a leader in Mobile Data Security on G2
Dotfuscator – App Protection for .NET & Xamarin is a leader in Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) on G2
PreEmptive is a global leader in code analysis and data obfuscation tools for desktop, mobile, cloud, and internet of things (IoT) applications. We help organizations make applications that are resistant to hacking and tampering so they can protect their intellectual property, sensitive data, and revenue.