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Our Dotfuscator uses a multi-tiered defense strategy to protect your apps and the people using them. Discover more about Dotfuscator and its features, including obfuscation, runtime checks, and attack detection to protect your code from security breaches.

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Why Protect Your Users and Brand

with the No.1 .NET Obfuscator

Applications are just as vulnerable to security breaches as any network or website. The consequences can be far-reaching, ranging from intellectual property theft to user credit card data being stolen.

While many developers think simply renaming their code is a good enough approach to C# security, it often isn’t. Having multiple forms of app obfuscation in place makes them less of a target for hackers by making the application harder to break into. This in turn keeps your users safer and means you’re more likely to keep their business.

Our layered approach provides many different levels of protection to harden your app. Dotfuscator helps protect and obfuscate your .NET, and MAUI applications from:

Reverse Engineering Attacks

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Code Tampering

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Unauthorized Debugging Attempts

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Why Take Extra Steps to Protect Your App

As developers, there are many benefits you and your team stand to gain from taking extra steps to incorporate .NET data encryption into your broader data protection strategies. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

Guard Your IP and Trade Secrets

While it may be one of the less noticeable consequences of not using code obfuscation, cybercriminals aren’t above stealing and selling the code in your apps to your direct competitors to make a quick buck.
Using a code obfuscation tool makes it more challenging for hackers to copy what you’re doing, allowing you to maintain a secure foothold in the market and stay ahead of competitors.
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protect your apps

Prevent Brand Damage

It’s cheaper to invest in good app security than a crisis management firm. Security and data breaches can do devastating things for your business and its brand reputation that can sometimes take years to repair.
For example, in 2023 Chick-fil-A became the subject of scrutiny after its mobile app suffered a security breach, compromising users’ personal and banking information. Over 71,000 people were affected, and the embarrassing incident will possibly end up costing the chain hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up.
There are countless other instances of applications being compromised since they became a mainstay on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With every breach comes the risk of your user or client data falling into the wrong hands, which can ultimately cause irreparable damage to your brand and prevent it from growing as much as it could.
Even after the last of the victims are compensated, a data breach can cause damage that will haunt your brand for years to come—all of which can be prevented by taking steps to ensure your app has properly encrypted data.

Protect User Data

Details on how digital payments and security fatigue make it easier than ever for hackers to obtain everything from CC numbers to social security information.
The prevalence of convenient digital payment methods through apps and security fatigue surrounding passwords, two-factor authentication, and other protection methods is great news for hackers. Both of these factors make it easier than ever for them to steal everything from credit card numbers to social security information once they make it past your security measures.
Adding encryption measures like code and control flow obfuscation make it easier to keep your user data out of the wrong hands, without having to solely rely upon users having strong passwords to protect it.
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Dotfuscator’s C# Obfuscator Tools

This handy app encryption tool is trusted by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide. It allows developers to add layers of protection directly to their source code with data obfuscation techniques, runtime checks, pre-defined response behaviors based on custom logic, and more.
These are just some of the encryption features Dotfuscator has to offer:
How Dotfuscator works
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About PreEmptive

Dotfuscator – App Protection for .NET & Xamarin is a leader in Mobile Data Security on G2
Dotfuscator – App Protection for .NET & Xamarin is a leader in Mobile Data Security on G2
Dotfuscator – App Protection for .NET & Xamarin is a leader in Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) on G2
PreEmptive and its application security tools are trusted by over 300,000 developers worldwide. We are a global leader in code analysis and data obfuscation tools for desktop, mobile, cloud, and IoT applications. We help organizations of all sizes and across all industries make applications that are resistant to hacking and tampering so they can protect their intellectual property, sensitive data, and revenue.