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Support Corner Protecting Self Contained and Single File NET Projects

Support Corner: Protecting Self-Contained and Single-File .NET Projects

PreEmptive has closely followed the evolution of .NET Core since its inception, adapting alongside its many changes. One significant shift [...]
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Havent Tried Dotfuscator Yet 10 Reasons You Should

Haven’t Tried Dotfuscator Yet? 10 Reasons You Should

Whether you’re building a desktop, mobile, cloud, or IoT application with .NET, you need a multi-tiered defense strategy to protect [...]
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Top 5 mobile app security predictions for 2024 featured image

The 14 Biggest Mobile App Security Threats

Find out what the biggest mobile app security threats are and what tools you can use to guard against them.
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How Does PreEmptive Rank on the Review Sites

How Does PreEmptive Rank on the Review Sites?

When searching for new software application development tools and utilities, most people check out third-party review sites like G2 and [...]
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What Developers Need to Know About JavaScript Security in 2022

How to Encrypt JavaScript Code

We’ll walk you through some of the most popular ways to encrypt JavaScript code and tell you about some of [...]
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Support Corner Dotfuscator and Strong Named Assemblies

Support Corner: Dotfuscator and Strong Named Assemblies

Strong naming, or assembly signing, is essential for ensuring the integrity of .NET assembly files in production environments. By providing [...]
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The State of Mobile Security in 2023

Our Top 19 Secure Application Development Tips

Cyberattacks can come from a wide range of places, which means you’ll need to incorporate a broad set of secure [...]
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Protect your software before, during and after a hack featured image

How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

We’ll help you learn how to prevent SQL injection attacks from disrupting your application and give you the tools to [...]
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Secure Your Code, Harden Your App, Automate the Testing

Secure Your Code, Harden Your App, Automate the Testing

There’s no sugarcoating it: The current state of cybersecurity is daunting. Cyber threats become more complex and costly every day, [...]
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