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Obfuscation with DashO

Mobile applications on Android or using Java are just as vulnerable to hacking as any other application. Therefore, Java security and Android obfuscation tools are more essential than ever.

DashO aims to make obfuscation and app hardening easier than ever. Discover how this security program helps protect your application and keep your users safe.
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Professional Android Code Obfuscation Tools

Like any other development project, app protection initiatives are at the mercy of scope, time, and bandwidth for ongoing support. That’s why it pays dividends to have protection programs that are easy to implement.

DashO offers professional-grade protection to add multiple layers of security measures to mobile applications, making it more challenging for hackers to successfully reverse engineer your app. In turn, this makes it harder for them to steal your intellectual property, compromise your users’ data, or harm your business.

The Global Standard for In-App Protection

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What Does DashO Help Prevent?

DashO’s layered approach to Android app security uses multiple forms of obfuscation and runtime checks to harden your application. These are some of the most common types of mobile app attacks that DashO can help prevent.

Reverse Engineering

Virtually all mobile code is at risk of reverse engineering attacks. Using multiple forms of code obfuscation—including resource encryption, control flow, renaming, and more—DashO minimizes a hacker’s ability to commit successful reverse engineering attacks.
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If an unauthorized person tampers with your code, they can use it to do everything from acquiring user data to injecting malicious dependencies into your application.

DashO makes it easier to tell when someone is tampering with your application’s code. It also helps you track down unauthorized versions of your app that hackers may be using to scam unsuspecting users and get the information they would normally give to you as part of your services.

Unauthorized Debugging

Hackers sometimes use this form of tampering to learn how specific parts of your application work. DashO enables your security team to determine when someone was attempting to debug your application—and who was doing it.

Furthermore, the program’s debug detection capabilities allow you to set certain actions in the event of unauthorized debugging attempts, such as shutting down the app or reverting to previous versions.
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How Does DashO Android Obfuscation Work?

DashO uses 11 different layers of security features in its approach to code obfuscation for Android. These measures include:
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Are You Scanning for Vulnerabilities?

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A holistic approach to DevSecOps also requires static application security testing to find vulnerabilities in your source code. That’s where PreEmptive’s sister brand and partner in protection comes into play.

Kiuwan is a powerful end-to-end application security platform that combines SAST, SCA, and QA tools to help developers find and quickly remediate vulnerabilities in their source code. Together, these desktop and mobile app security tools safeguard your applications from development to deployment against hacks, data breaches, and attacks. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how you can use these two tools together to create a better app

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Using Defender for iOS alongside DashO for our Android apps has been a game-changer, giving us a complete mobile protection solution. It's reassuring to know our apps are secure on both platforms with such powerful tools at our disposal.

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