Keep Your Protection Up to Date

The application security landscape is constantly evolving. Bad actors find new attack techniques, create new tools, and update existing tools. Good actors build new platforms, change existing platforms, and often (knowingly or unknowingly) expose new attack surfaces.

You’ve already invested in smart protection against these threats, with PreEmptive Solutions’ DotfuscatorDashO, or JSDefender. But if you aren’t keeping those protections up to date, you’re leaving value on the table, and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Just like your antivirus software, keeping your application protection software up to date is critical. With out-of-date software, you aren’t protecting yourself against the latest threats. New versions of our software strengthen the protections that you already use, and we regularly add new protections that you can take advantage of.

But it’s not just about protection – new versions of Dotfuscator, DashO, and JSDefender often have support for new platforms and build technologies, build-time performance improvements, and sometimes even runtime performance improvements! Simply upgrading in place can make your development life easier, and/or improve the runtime behavior of your apps.

You already know, from your development practices, that taking small steps is better. The same thing applies to your application protection. Upgrading regularly (each product is usually updated four times a year!) is much faster and easier than waiting until you must upgrade because of a platform or tooling change that requires it. (And you won’t have to do it under the pressure of a hard deadline!)

And if you need it, active clients are always entitled to our enterprise-class support, where you can get help from dedicated engineers who will understand your build environment and guide you through the best way to troubleshoot any issue.

To learn more about our latest protection improvements, please check out our blog or the change log for DotfuscatorDashO, or JSDefender. And don’t wait! Upgrade today!