MAUI Security Through
App Hardening & Shielding

Code obfuscation and app hardening programs are familiar security measures for MAUI developers. However, as hackers continue to find new ways to exploit code vulnerabilities, simple code obfuscation becomes less effective in preventing reverse engineering attacks.

Fortunately, there are more robust MAUI security tools developers can use to add multiple layers of protection. Explore how Dotfuscator can help developers offer the same level of security as a native app.
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MAUI App Security in Untrusted Environments

As many mobile developers know, MAUI is an excellent app-building platform because the code is easy to reuse and it gives you a near-native user experience. However, apps built in MAUI are more prone to security vulnerabilities than most of their native counterparts. Protecting your MAUI-based mobile apps is essential, especially if your apps run in unsecured environments—which is the case for most apps.

Why MAUI App Security Is So Important

Not everyone who downloads your application has good intentions in mind. Protecting MAUI apps is essential for protecting your users and your company alike. This is because unprotected mobile applications can fall victim to reverse engineering or probing attacks, which in turn can lead to:
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Hackers are always looking for weak links in the revenue chain so they can exploit them. Since MAUI security measures aren’t usually as robust as they are for desktops and other platforms, they’re becoming a natural target for cybercriminals. However, there are ways to protect your application

Common MAUI Security Vulnerabilities

Bad actors are constantly looking for security issues they can exploit in your mobile applications. Here are some of the most common issues AppSec experts have to address with their brand’s digital properties.

Improper Platform Usage

Without the proper security measures in place, cybercriminals can misuse your platform and exploit cross-site scripting to their advantage. By tampering with your app’s code, they can more easily use your app to conduct social engineering and other phishing attacks, stealing from your users and leaving your company on the hook for the damages.
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Code Injection

Without proper security measures to protect the source code in your mobile app, hackers can gain access to vulnerable parts of your app and insert problematic code. In turn, this changes the way your app behaves and can allow them to gain access to vulnerabilities within your app.
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Cross-Site Scripting

Although they aren’t identical, code injection and cross-site scripting go hand in hand. Hackers can use your app as the setting to send unsuspecting users malicious links and bypass access controls in the application to get access to customer payment information, identities, and more.
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Reverse Engineering and Tampering

Hackers can use just a decompiler and debugger to reverse engineer just about any app they download from a public app store, making it easy for them to gain access to your application’s most sensitive information with a few clicks. Reverse engineering on MAUI mobile applications can cost your brand tens of thousands of dollars without you even knowing it, all because your app was running in an untrusted environment.
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How Dotfuscator Can Help Provide MAUI Security

Dotfuscator uses a layered, multi-tiered security approach to protecting MAUI applications. It uses code obfuscation, root detection, app shielding, and tamper-proofing measures to make your applications harder for criminals to exploit.

How Does Dotfuscator Work?

Dotfuscator goes a step beyond standard rename obfuscation tactics to make your mobile app a less enticing target for hackers. It allows developers to add protection measures directly to the source code with runtime checks, pre-defined response behaviors based on custom logic, and advanced data obfuscation techniques. Some of its encryption features include:

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