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JSDefender 2.0 Release

JSDefender Version 2 Release

We are happy to announce the availability of JSDefender Version 2. The goals for the new release were twofold – [...]
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DashO11 Release

DashO 11 Release: Licensing, Bug Fixes, and Improved Functionality

“Better licensing means more flexibility,” said CTO Bill Leach during a recent presentation on the release of DashO 11 – [...]
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PreEmptive Forbes Feature

Top 3 Cyber Attack Vectors During the Pandemic

Cyber-attacks have increased in quantity and sophistication in 2020, but we may not have heard about them in the news. [...]
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Bayshore Case Study

Protecting Utilities and Infrastructure with PreEmptive’s .NET Solution, Dotfuscator

Protecting Industrial Internet Applications Bayshore Network Case Study Today’s utilities, factories and other infrastructure are exposed to high risk. The [...]
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Mobile Application Security Increases Revenue

Mobile Application Protection Increases Profits

Application security can often be viewed by development teams as a time-consuming barrier to finishing a project. In a world [...]
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No Contact Normal: Solving the Payment Security Gap

The coronavirus crisis is changing human behavior. From the persistent need for social distancing to the potentially permanent adoption of [...]
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Making of JSDefender

Protecting JavaScript Code: The Making of JSDefender

A few years ago, customers began telling us they were building more serious and commercially sensitive applications in JavaScript, and [...]
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Protecting Localized Xamarin Forms Applications

Localization is often a key ingredient when building Xamarin Forms applications with a global audience. There are different ways to [...]
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Next Era of Dotfuscator

Dotfuscator 6: The Next Era of Dotfuscator

In the months since we released the Dotfuscator 6 beta, we’ve been hard at work finishing the feature set, fixing issues, [...]
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