17 Online Accounts to Follow on Software Development

We asked our top Software Engineers what they’re reading and listening to lately to stay up to date on software development. Here are their recommendations on top accounts to follow:


  1. Fireship
    These high-intensity code tutorials can help you build and ship your apps faster. This channel has new videos every week that cover intermediate to advanced lessons about JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase, and modern app development. You can even get project support, advanced full courses, and more at www.fireship.io.
  2. Google Developers
    The Google Developers channel features talks from events, educational series, best practices and tips, and the latest updates across Google products, platforms, and services including Android, Firebase, TensorFlow, Flutter, Google Assistant, and more.


  1. Eric Elliott on Medium
    Read all things JavaScript in Eric Elliott’s JavaScript Scene and The Challenge to make sure you’re up to date on the latest JavaScript news, frameworks, tricks and techniques, software management, and more.
  2. CSharp Digest
    This newsletter is great for busy techs who want the news delivered right to their inbox. You’ll receive weekly updates, interesting stories, and more in the .NET and C# space.
  3. Scott Hanselman Blog
    As a prominent web developer for the Web Platform Team at Microsoft, Scott Hanselman has been blogging for the past decade on his personal web development experience. Topics range from technology, culture, gadgets, diversity, code, the web, and more. He also has three podcasts, a YouTube channel, and a Twitter account, which you can subscribe to as well.
  4. Microsoft Developer Blogs
    Just like it sounds, these series of blogs have the inside scoop on the latest information, insights, announcements, and news from Microsoft, specifically written about Visual Studio, Xamarin, Azure, .NET, and various other development languages. There’s also an option to pull the RSS feed so you can have the news and announcements delivered to you.
  5. Hackaday
    Get lost in mountains of fresh, playful hacks on the Hackaday blog written by developers all around the Internet where new ideas and information are exchanged daily. The term “hacking” tends to have a negative connotation to the public, but Hackaday embraces the act as an art that is highly creative, technical, and clever. When used for good intent, it can positively promote the exchange of new ideas and information. So, if you have any projects you’re proud of and want to show them off, you can document your work on their hosting site, hackaday.io.
  6. Adafruit
    With Adafruit blog, you’ll get the latest trends, news, and resources on open-source hardware, electronics, gadgets, kits, and more to help you get the machine build of your dreams.

Twitch TV

  1. Bald Bearded Builder
    This year, PreEmptive sponsored this channel and PreEmptive’s JSDefender was implemented in various live coding projects. For software development and clever banter, tune in. With nearly 20 years of experience designing and developing software, Michael Jolley (aka the Bald Bearded Builder) loves sharing his knowledge with others and watching them excel. While still building custom applications for clients today, Jolley spends considerable time pouring into others via his live-coding sessions on Twitch and talks at conferences and meet-ups.


  1. The Hacker News (@TheHackerNews)
    This widely read account has daily news and technical coverage on cybersecurity, information security, and hacking to make sure you’re one step ahead of trending malicious attacks.
  2. Mobile Security (@mobilesecurity_)
    Are you a mobile app developer? This is a must-follow account. Stay informed on mobile security trends, specifically with Android and iOS platforms, and how you better adapt to safeguard your applications.
  3. David Heinemeier Hansson (@DHH)
    If you haven’t heard of David Heinemeier Hansson, you should. As the creator of Ruby on Rails and co-founder and CTO at Basecamp, Hansson is a must-follow leader in the technology space. With a slew of perspectives and opinions, his tweets offer great insight on software development for developers who want to grow professionally.
  4. Kelly Sommers (@kellabyte)
    Given away by the name of her Twitter handle, Kelly Sommers has a witty personality. She’s also a highly influential developer with over 43K followers to date with an impressive background as a four-times Windows Azure MVP and former two times DataStax MVP for Apache. You’ll get a combination of playful and insightful development tweets.
  5. Sara Ownbey Chipps (@sarajchipps)
    As a developer at Stack Overflow, Sara Ownbey Chipps is a prominent influential developer in the space. While some of her tweets feature development news and personal opinions, she also engages in a mix of current events she feels worthy of a mention.
  6. Nick Quaranto (@qrush)
    Nick Quaranto is the developer you’ll instantly feel like a friend. Quaranto has a more laid-back feed where he talks about development news, in addition to worldwide events he feels deeply passionate about.
  7. Eric Lippert (@ericlippert)
    Eric Lippert designs programming languages at Facebook and is a former C# language design team member at Microsoft. Over the years in his professional career, he’s learned a lot about programming language design and likes to share those said learnings with the development community on Twitter by fielding thousands of questions about C#, JavaScript, and other programming languages. He also has a blog worth checking out.
  8. Jared Parson (@jaredpar)
    Meet the creator of VsVim, Jared Parson. Parson is also a C# compiler team developer lead at Microsoft working on a language and operating system incubation project. Give him a follow and he won’t disappoint.