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The security of mobile applications is not just a priority—it's a necessity. While it’s true that no app is completely hack-proof, protecting your source code makes it much more difficult for hackers to decompile an application.

Defender for iOS is a powerful new application hardening tool that will protect your data with features such as jailbreak detection, control flow obfuscation and rename obfuscation.
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The Cost of a Breach

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Did you know that most mobile apps can be compromised in less than 15 minutes? Before lunch is over, an attacker could access sensitive materials like financial data, customer information, or the source code itself.
Sound like a nightmare? It is. It’s also an expensive mess to clean up—$4.45m+ according to the latest numbers from IBM. But the cost of a breach often extends far beyond immediate financial losses, since it will also damage your brand’s reputation and cause a loss of customer trust for years to come.
Don’t fall for the misconception that iOS apps are inherently more secure due to Apple’s closed ecosystem and stringent app review process. Once an app is deployed, it’s out in the open and can be targeted by attackers. For apps that handle sensitive data or contain valuable intellectual property, proactive security measures are fundamental to app development.
Investing in application hardening with Defender for iOS is a proactive step towards avoiding these consequences and securing your app's future.

How Defender for iOS Mobile Application Hardening Works

Defender for iOS works for applications made with Swift and Objective-C, and using it is an easy, three-step process. Simply configure it to identify what you do or do not want to be protected, then run the application. Defender will analyze your Xcode project’s source code, add various layers of protection, and then build the application based on your Xcode settings.
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The Global Standard for In-App Protection

Defender for iOS is robust protection against reverse engineering, tampering, and data leakage to keep sensitive information safe. Join the thousands of developers who trust PreEmptive for application security.

Why You Need iOS Obfuscation

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Stop Theft

Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your business. When attackers decompile your iOS apps, they can steal your ideas, algorithms, and other intellectual property. Defender for iOS employs advanced mobile app obfuscation techniques to scramble your code, making it extremely difficult for hackers to reverse-engineer and replicate your applications.
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Prevent Lost Revenue

Piracy and unauthorized use of your applications can significantly impact your revenue streams. By utilizing application hardening with Defender, you protect your investment and ensure that only authorized users can access and use your app and safeguard your income.
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Avoid Data Exposure

Sensitive data exposure is a looming threat for any application. Defender for iOS ensures that your app's data, including user information, is safeguarded against exposure risks to maintain your users' trust and comply with data protection regulations.
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Block Piracy

Application piracy is rampant, but Defender for iOS helps you stay one step ahead. With its state-of-the-art app obfuscation and shielding technologies, Defender makes it much more difficult for pirates to crack your app.

Why Choose Defender for iOS Hardening?

Why Choose Defender for iOS Hardening?

Data Protection: With obfuscation techniques like renaming and control flow protection, Defender for iOS shields sensitive data and intellectual property so your trade secrets remain secure.

Easy Integration: This release offers a command-line interface for slick use. You can also integrate it into CI/CD pipelines for consistent protection without disrupting your development workflow.

Versatile Protection: Compatible with Swift and Objective-C applications built with Xcode, Defender for iOS is up to the task of protecting a range of iOS applications against hacking and unauthorized access.

Enterprise Power at SMB Pricing: The release puts top-tier security features within reach, ensuring developers and dev teams can safeguard their valuable apps against reverse engineering and IP theft.

Non-Intrusive Protection: Defender does not modify the original source code so you can update applications without reverting any changes. Maintain ongoing protection without additional hassle.

Strong Reputation: Like locking your front door, using an application hardening tool is a smart habit to make sure you’re not the one caught off guard by attackers. Make sure you stay ahead of threats and maintain your credibility.

Defender for iOS Features

Defender has rolled out a number of key mobile app hardening features to protect your data. Additional features are currently in development and are planned to roll out soon.

Control Flow Obfuscation

This feature introduces false conditional statements and other misleading constructs to confuse and break decompilers. Control flow obfuscation produces spaghetti logic that is difficult for a cracker to analyze while retaining its original functionality.

Rename Obfuscation

Easily integrate into your Continuous Integration/Continuous DeploymaThis alters the names of methods, variables, and other elements to make source code difficult to understand. Defender’s rename obfuscation substitutes random names for classes, methods, and other objects in the application. After a randomized name is replaced and the source code becomes unreadable, the application’s logic will still be maintained.ent pipelines without disrupting your development workflow.
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iOS jailbreak detection

Defender’s jailbreak detection allows you to identify when a user has obtained elevated privileges that would enable them to introduce security vulnerabilities—and take necessary actions.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the bad guys can’t decompile your app and violate your source code—or your reputation.

Mobile App Security that Aligns with Best Practices

Doing things the right way is the only way and Defender for iOS fits perfectly within application development security best practices.

Principle of Least Privilege: Even if an attacker can explore your app, the obfuscated code significantly limits their ability to understand or manipulate it.

Regular Security Audits: Each version of your app benefits from obfuscation techniques, making it resilient against reverse engineering and tampering attempts identified during audits.

Data Encryption: Defender for iOS complements encryption efforts by adding an additional layer of security, so that even if data is accessed, understanding it is much harder.

Secure Coding Practices: Transform your code into a form that's much harder for attackers to analyze and exploit, thus reinforcing your secure coding practices.

Continuous Monitoring and Patching: Update obfuscated code, ensuring your app's defenses evolve with emerging security challenges.

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Enhanced Protection with Jailbreak SDK Detection

Get an extra layer of security to ensure your app is not running on compromised devices.
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Mobile App Protection & Mobile App Security FAQ

Using Defender for iOS alongside DashO for our Android apps has been a game-changer, giving us a complete mobile protection solution. It's reassuring to know our apps are secure on both platforms with such powerful tools at our disposal.