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Defender for iOS

Professional Grade Application Protection for Swift and Objective-C iOS Apps

Keep hackers out of iOS apps with a powerful app-hardening tool. Defender for iOS is jailbreak protection and obfuscation to secure your iOS mobile apps against unauthorized access by preventing reverse engineering.

Don't leave your mobile application security to chance

Protect your Swift and Objective-C apps from reverse engineering and ensure your intellectual property remains secure with Defender for iOS.

Secure your code with control flow obfuscation, string encryption, and more to protect your app against hackers and reverse engineering.

Advanced Obfuscation

Shield your Swift and Objective-C code against prying eyes.

Seamless Integration

Incorporate easily into workflows with CLI and CI/CD support.

Jailbreak Detection

Prevent your app from running on compromised devices.

It's Time for Next-Level iOS Mobile App Protection

What are you doing to keep attackers from reverse engineering your iOS mobile apps? If you’re not protecting the source code, prying eyes can get at your source code, leaving it vulnerable to IP theft, loss of innovation, or a data breach — and the global average cost of a data breach is $4.45m+ according to the latest numbers from IBM.

Don’t fall for the misconception that iOS apps are inherently more secure due to Apple’s closed ecosystem and stringent app review process. Once an app is deployed, it’s out in the open and can be targeted by attackers. For apps that handle sensitive data or contain valuable intellectual property, proactive security measures are fundamental to app development.

The Global Standard for In-App Protection

Defender for iOS is robust protection against reverse engineering, tampering, and data leakage to keep sensitive information safe. Join the thousands of developers who trust PreEmptive for application security.

Secure Your iOS App with Defender for iOS

Defender for iOS is designed to meet the needs of iOS mobile app developers who want to protect their apps against reverse engineering while integrating smoothly into existing dev flows.

Using Defender for iOS is a breeze – it’s like boom, boom, done. The straightforward integration means we get a secure app without skipping a beat.

Harden Code Against Reverse Engineering

Command-Line Interface
Effortlessly incorporate Defender for iOS into your development process with its user-friendly command-line interface.
CI/CD Compatibility
Easily integrate into your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines without disrupting your development workflow.
Jailbreak SDK Detection
Elevate your app's security with our Jailbreak SDK detection, safeguarding your application from running on compromised devices.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the bad guys can’t decompile your app and violate your source code — or your reputation.

Mobile App Security that Aligns With Best Practices

Doing things the right way is the only way and Defender for iOS fits perfectly within application development security best practices.

Principle of Least Privilege: Even if an attacker can explore your app, the obfuscated code significantly limits their ability to understand or manipulate it.

Regular Security Audits: Each version of your app benefits from obfuscation techniques, making it resilient against reverse engineering and tampering attempts identified during audits.

Data Encryption: Defender for iOS complements encryption efforts by adding an additional layer of security, so that even if data is accessed, understanding it is much harder.

Secure Coding Practices: Transform your code into a form that's much harder for attackers to analyze and exploit, thus reinforcing your secure coding practices.

Continuous Monitoring and Patching: Update obfuscated code, ensuring your app's defenses evolve with emerging security challenges.

Do You Want the Best iOS Mobile App Protection?

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Jump into iOS app security with a hands-on experience of Defender for iOS. Our free trial offers you the opportunity to explore how our leading source code obfuscation tool can transform the security of your iOS applications.

Full Access

Discover the power of cutting-edge obfuscation techniques, including renaming and control flow protection for Swift and Objective-C applications.

Seamless Integration into Your Workflow

Take advantage of the simplicity of the command-line interface support for easy use and CI/CD pipeline compatibility.

Enhanced Protection with Jailbreak SDK Detection

Get an extra layer of security to ensure your app is not running on compromised devices.
Start your journey towards unparalleled iOS app security today. Sign up for our free trial and experience firsthand how Defender for iOS can protect your intellectual property, enhance your security posture, and give you peace of mind.

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Mobile App Protection & Mobile App Security FAQ

Using Defender for iOS alongside DashO for our Android apps has been a game-changer, giving us a complete mobile protection solution. It's reassuring to know our apps are secure on both platforms with such powerful tools at our disposal.