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Defender for iOS offers specialized features designed to meet the needs of iOS mobile app developers, focusing on critical areas of security that protect your app from reverse engineering.
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Keep Your App Off Compromised Devices
Running your app on a jailbroken device exposes it to significant risks, from data breaches to compromised functionality, as these devices bypass iOS security measures. Defender for iOS introduces critical jailbreak detection capabilities, enabling your app to identify and respond proactively when operating in such vulnerable environments. Ensure your app's integrity and safeguard user data by defining customized responses to protect against the heightened security threats of jailbroken devices.

Renaming Obfuscation

Keep Prying Eyes Away From Your Source Code
Renaming alters the names of methods, variables, and other elements to make source code difficult to understand. Defender for iOS substitutes random names for methods, classes, and other objects in your application. After the randomized name replacement, the application’s logic is maintained yet the source code is unreadable. The following example shows how the Renaming technique works:

Control Flow Obfuscation

Stop Attackers From Figuring Out Your Code
Traditional control flow obfuscation introduces false conditional statements and other misleading constructs to confuse and break decompilers. This process synthesizes branching, conditional, and iterative constructs that produce valid forward (executable) logic, but yield non-deterministic semantic results when decompilation is attempted. Control Flow obfuscation produces spaghetti logic that is difficult for a cracker to analyze.

Defender for iOS employs advanced control flow obfuscation. In addition to adding code constructs, Defender for iOS works by destroying the code patterns that decompilers use to recreate source code. The result is code semantically equivalent to the original but contains no clues as to how the code was originally written. Even if highly advanced decompilers are developed, their output will be guesswork.

Easy-to-Use, Streamlined Interface

Do you want a solution that’s both efficient and flexible? The command-line interface offers quick and easy integration into existing development processes and automated script running so you get secure build processes without disrupting workflow.

No-Risk, Free Trial

iOS mobile app developers can experience firsthand the benefits of advanced obfuscation techniques, jailbreak detection, and the ease of use offered by the CLI.

The trial period is a risk-free opportunity to assess how Defender for iOS aligns with your app security requirements, ensuring it's the right fit for your mobile app protection strategy.
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