Defender for iOS App Obfuscation: Features

Mobile App Security for iOS

PreEmptive’s latest innovation in software security, Defender features a number of powerful mobile app hardening tools that will protect your iOS software. The team is also hard at work on additional features that we plan to roll out soon.
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Using iOS Hardening to Defend Your Applications

iOS hardening is the process of reinforcing your app's code to make it more resistant to hacking attempts, reverse engineering, and other malicious activities. By implementing layers of protection, such as obfuscation and runtime checks, mobile app hardening ensures that your application remains secure, functional, and resilient against cyber threats.
Using iOS Hardening to Defend Your Applications

Defender for iOS Features

The team at PreEmptive has designed a reliable and user-friendly iOS hardening software that uses a number of powerful features to protect your data.

iOS Jailbreak Detection

Defender for iOS incorporates sophisticated jailbreak detection mechanisms that enable your app to identify if it's running on a compromised device. The jailbreak SDK allows developers to decide how they want their app to respond. Upon detection, your app can take predefined actions, such as shutting down or limiting functionality, to stop the exploitation of potential security vulnerabilities before they can occur.
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Rename Obfuscation

Rename obfuscation scrambles the names of methods, variables, and classes within your app's code and replaces them with meaningless identifiers. After the randomized name replacement, the application’s logic is maintained yet the source code is unreadable. This process significantly complicates a hacker's ability to understand the app's functionality, which helps protect your intellectual property and sensitive information contained within the app.
An Example of iOS Obfuscation with Renaming:
Source code after renaming obfuscation

Control Flow Obfuscation

Traditional control flow obfuscation introduces false conditional statements and other misleading constructs to confuse and break decompilers. This process synthesizes branching, conditional, and iterative constructs that produce valid forward (executable) logic, but yield non-deterministic semantic results when decompilation is attempted.

By introducing non-sequential and convoluted execution flows, it becomes exceedingly difficult for attackers to trace and analyze the app's operation through static analysis, which helps to shield your app from reverse engineering efforts.

Defender for iOS employs advanced control flow obfuscation. In addition to adding code constructs, Defender for iOS works by destroying the code patterns that decompilers use to recreate source code. The result is code semantically equivalent to the original but contains no clues as to how the code was originally written. Even if highly advanced decompilers are developed, their output will be guesswork.
An Example of Control Flow Mobile App Obfuscation:
Source code after control flow obfuscation

How Defender for iOS Mobile Application Hardening Works

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Defender for iOS employs a multi-layered approach to application security and seamlessly integrates into your development process. Through a combination of advanced obfuscation techniques, runtime protection measures, and continuous monitoring, Defender ensures that your app is armored against both current and emerging threats. This proactive security stance allows you to deploy your iOS applications with confidence, knowing they are protected from the moment they are released.

Why Choose Defender for iOS Hardening?

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Theft Prevention

Intellectual property theft can result in significant financial losses and competitive disadvantages. Defender for iOS safeguards your app's proprietary algorithms, business logic, and other critical assets to make unauthorized access and theft exceedingly challenging.
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Reputation Protection

A security breach can tarnish your brand's reputation and erode user trust and loyalty. By securing your app with Defender, you mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure that your user's data remains confidential—which maintains your reputation as a secure and trustworthy provider.
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Piracy Blocking

App piracy not only affects your revenue but also undermines the integrity of your digital ecosystem. Defender for iOS includes features designed to prevent unauthorized distribution and use of your applications to ensure that only legitimate users can access and benefit from your software.

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