Tamper Detection & Defense

Reverse Engineering & Application Tampering

Best practices dictate that organizations with a requirement to prevent reverse engineering are most likely to share a related requirement to defend against application tampering. It is for this reason that every Dotfuscator & DashO Professional license bundles our patented obfuscation technologies with Tamper Defense.

Effective Application Risk Management

PreEmptive Solutions’ core mission is to protect, manage and increase the value of our clients’ application investments. As with any mature risk management solution, we offer a combination of preventative controls such as obfuscation to minimize likelihood of reverse engineering or tampering and detective controls such as Tamper Defense to further harden your application and ensure a rapid and effective organizational response should a tampering incident occur.

Application Tamper Detection & Defense

Dotfuscator Professional & Dasho’s Tamper Defense injects tamper detection and tamper defense logic into your applications. The following summarizes the essential features and best practices:
  • Bundled with Dotfuscator & DashO Professional
No additional license or service fees are required
  • Flexible Implementation Options
Use custom attributes or Dotfuscator/ DashO UI postbuild
  • Tamper Defense Can be Custom Code
Dotfuscator and DashO will inject any method specified or a default exit
  • Optimization “Shrinks and Links”
Dotfuscator linking and pruning and DashO jar merging, hide and compress logic

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